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    My little boy will be ten next week and we've decided (well i had decided before even suggesting it) that we are going to watch the simpsons movie and go to pizza hut for his birthday treat.

    Must admit that i think i'm more excited than him. Anyone else wanting to see the movie or am i just sad???????????
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    Hi Emma,

    I want to see the movie but I want to see Harry Potter first. I am soooo sad I am going to go up to Asda tomorrow to get the new book cause they are doing it for a fiver.

    Let us know how the film went.



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      Oh yes! I shall be going, but, like South Park, I'll be going on my own - Nina doesn't go to childish movies.......................she told me that when we went to see Fantastic Four............and X Men................and...........


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        We'll probably go and see it at some point.

        We've recently had a film festival here in Cambridge, and the best film I saw was definately Waitress. A smashing little low-budget rom com, with a lot of pies

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          'Spider Pig, Spider Pig, Does whatever a Spider Pig Does .... Doh!'

          ......yep, can't wait to see it, love the Simpsons! That cracks me up whenever I see the trailer for it ..... '''Whose a good little piggy" !!!!

          Most people will probably not have a clue what I am on about and think the loon has been allowed to escape!!!!
          Jo x

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            Originally posted by Sommerwood View Post
            'Spider Pig, Spider Pig, Does whatever a Spider Pig Does .... Doh!'
            Love that, classic Homer.

            Id really like to see The Simpson.
            How sad is this, one of my happiest memories is going to see South Park film and I was sat in a cinema full of pople laughing their heads off!!Absoloutely brilliant.


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              I think me and the hubby may go and see it if we can 'loose' the kids for a while!

              My eldest who is nearly 4 loves the Simpsons and does a really good impression of Homer!


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                Yep I carn't wait to go!!!!!.
                Hoping to go see Harry Potter next week too!!
                Went to see Shrek three last week. Looks like im going to be needing a second morgage for all these trips to the cinema.