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    I wonder if any kind people out there could help me. I have a neurological disorder, and have very limited mobility and it's getting worse, I am now basically housebound and have to rely on others to get shopping etc for me, which can be quite hard at times. I'm slowly losing my independence.

    My symptoms are very much like ms but it's not ms so far my neurologist has said that at the moment they may never find out what is wrong and why I am having trouble.

    i have applied for Disability living allowance and also a community care grant to get a mobility scooter to give me some independence, but apprently only 47% of those that apply get a grant.
    I also have a social assessment due to be done but that will only get the bathroom changes I need doing along with an indoor wheelchair.

    I need to raise £1000 have spoken to the ms society and they think the best way and the way most people raise money is to do a fund raiser.

    So I'm after some fund raising ideas. I'm wondering if anybody would be willing to donate one item of their craft items that they make for either a raffle or to sell on eBay as a fund raiser. anything above the £1000 I need to get the mobility scooter and give me a new lease of life will go to the ms society.

    All help/ideas would be appreciated.

    thank you