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  • Me Again.........

    ..........just back from my holidays.

    2 weeks in the sun in Alcudia was great but when you come back home you don't have come down to earth with a thump!!!

    Took us ages getting in and out of Glasgow because of the Bombing on the Saturday. We had to take our shoes off before they would let us through security so the delays were pretty hellish but got there eventually.

    I have to say that I really liked Alcudia, and the hotel we were in was lovely but be warned DO NOT got for a family friendly hotel because roughly translated this means that kids can and will run riot from morning until night.

    I was in a complex with 2 other hotels all connected so with 3 hotels on the one site and all those kids - do you know the sound of kids in the playground at break time - yep well that was the noise 24/7 - it drove me nuts most times got the bus to the beach far far quieter (meant I missed the all inclusive booze during the day but just not to have that noise for a while was bliss.

    I did have a good time and the weather was fantastic not a cloud in the sky for the 2 weeks so brown as a berry.

    Will need to trawl my way through the last 2 weeks worth of threads to see what I have missed.

    So did ya miss me - what no - didn't think so.


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    Of course we did and we are not jealous of your holiday..nope...not one really.....we like rain.

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      Welcome back ..

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        Glad to have you back. Although you are making me fell very white and untanned! ..... now where is that tan in a bottle?
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          Welcome back Glad you had a good time although the kids would be my idea of sheer hell too!!!
          Jo x

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            I was wondering if you were back and did you have a good holiday!!

            The sound of kids would be a nightmare to me - and I have two little bread snatchers!!

            Glad you had a good break - my next holiday is May 2008.....
            And we are all brown too
            But its rust from all the rain!


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              Hello You!

              Welcome back!!

              Yes, we have definitely missed you. Complete bummer coming back to the rain though.....

              It was lovely down here today, and up in Gloucestershire when we went to visit the Castle ready for the weekend.

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                Hi All,

                Thanks for the welcome back. I can't believe it the weather here is lovely which is brilliant for getting all the washing hung out.

                The noise was a total nightmare but I still enjoyed the holiday. I met my friend and a couple of my neighbors there (what a small world) they christened the complex ASBO towers - it certainly wasn't the hotel or the staff more how shall I say it - the clientele that let the place down - not drunk and disorderly just letting the kids run amok. But I enjoyed myself and feel like I have never been away.


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                  Welcome home Lisa

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                    Glad you enjoyed the weather ... shame about the environment you were in. Did you go to the water park in Alcudia? Did you go "how much???" at the price to get in?!!
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                      Glad to have you back. At least you got away from the british weather, the last two days have been good but i think it rained everyday before that.
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                        Originally posted by JBJB View Post
                        Glad you enjoyed the weather ... shame about the environment you were in. Did you go to the water park in Alcudia? Did you go "how much???" at the price to get in?!!

                        Yep went to the Hidro park in Alcudia, it was right across the road from the hotels.

                        It was good. However typical spain it cost 17 euros to get in for adults and 13 for kids. If you wanted a locker for your stuff it was 4.5 euros and if you wanted a sunbed it was another 4.5 euros. The food was the usual fast food stuff but we took our own food and drink in with is. It was good, not as big as the Marine land in Palma but it is half the price. The kids loved it and the slides and things were good. We had a really great day.



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                          Glad you had a great holiday, welcome back to our world of rain, rain and more rain.
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                            Welcome back Lisa, glad you had a good time with lots of sun. We are going away next week - can't wait

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                              Has it been nearly two weeks already....welcome back. Glad you had a good time. We promise to keep the noise down.