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hospital trip.

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  • hospital trip.

    Well, I'd just finished sorting out the swap, when Joseph decided tojump through the backdoor fogetting how incrediblt tall he is and how short the door is. I heard a crack and then "oooooowwwww". I knew it was bad. Joe is famous for having a high pain threshold. He's twice walked around with broken bones for a couple of days before we realised they were broken.
    I went running out only to discover that his head had turned bright red!
    after a few minutes of holding the gash together, I went and phoned my mum and dad to get them to bring me the car to take joe to hospital..... they were out, at another hospital visiting my auntie.
    Had to fetch my neighbour to sit with Joe and the others whilst i went round to get the car.
    Got to the hospital (minor injuries unit) and only spent a couple of minutes waiting before he was seen and glued up. Great service.
    We've just got back and now I need some food and a cup of tea!
    The good thing was that Joe had just finished mowing the lawn!!!!
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    Oh wow, you'd better have a nice bottle of wine tonight after all that running around. Was it Brid hospital you went to?
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      No it was Goole. It's only about 8 miles away from us.
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        Oh dear - hope he hasn't got too much of a headache now.
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          Oooo 'eck!! I bet he's got a headache!

          Hope there's no non-visible damage and he's back to normal tomorrow.


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            Well, I do hope you are all right...and of, course, the lawn was finished, which is paramount.......

            And Joe's okay too, which is good...lololol

            I do hope his head doesn't ache! Oh bless, poor lad! Not the best way to spend the only decent weather we've had in months!

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              Glad you were sean quickly .
              Hope you can both sit back now and have some chill time. Hope Joe heels really quickly.


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                Sorry to hear about joes accident, hope he doesnt havetoo much of a headache. Its good that you got quick service at the hospital, its awful when they keep you waiting around for ages!!

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