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    Hi all I don't know if anyone can help me,
    I had my hair dyed about 2 weeks ago, it's blk with pink bits (not everyones cup of tea but I love it) anyway, the lady who did it was lovely and none of this is her fault, she bleached the bits that were going pink, put the blk on then put the pink on the freshly bleached bits (after washing it) left it for about 30mins, washed it all out, cut, styled and started to dry it, then as my hair was drying you could see the pink was hardly visable! So again out came some pink dye and on it went, another 30mins later a bit of sorting out and I was walking out the door 4 hours after I had first sat down to have my hair done!!!! Now 2 weeks later the pink is nearly gone and the blk looks more dark brown I know the pink fades quickly but I've been so scared it was going to wash out I've only washed my hair a handfull of times and it's still gone! Can anyone recomend a pink hair dye that I could use and do you think I should go and say I'm not happy? It cost £100, also I've just had a baby so maybe my hormones are messing my hair up? Plz help, thank you


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    As a hairdresser I can tell you that the pink will only be a semi-permanent colour, to my knowledge there is not a permanent one on the market. The problem you are having is that the bleach has made your hair porous, it will soak up the pink quickly and give a good colour but it will also wash out quickly as the cuticles will not lie flat and lock the colour in (if that makes any sense) Not sure why the black is fading, its traditionally the worst colour to try and remove from someones hair so it shouldn't fade unless it wasn't left on for the full development time in which case we are back to the cuticles locking the colour molecules in. If you spent £100 at my salon and were not happy I would expect you to come back and let me sort the problem for you. Definitely go back and see them, Selina


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      Thank you, think I will go bk, see what they say.
      It makes more sense now you have explained it, I was upset as I went to one of my local hairdressers and the same day my sister went to Toni n guy got her hair dyed brown with highlights, spend £100 same as me but her hair came out perfect, oh well.
      Wish me luck, I will pop in tomorrow and see what they say.
      Thank you again selina