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Sausage cassserole ideas

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  • Sausage cassserole ideas

    Im attempting to make my first sausage casserole tomorrow.
    Ive bought a few veggies to go in it but winder what else i could buy.Would new potatos be good?

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    I sometimes do a quick sausage cassarole which consists of sausages (obv), onion, carrot, new pots and a tin of baked beans. Lovely served with a chunk of bread and butter - yummmmmmm

    Guess you could chuck any veg into it or any beans or lentils.

    Oh and probably doesn't need saying but remember to brown the sausages first otherwise they look horrible and anaemic when you serve it up.
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      Leeks and apple - use cider instead of stock and throw a bit of sage in too. Delicious

      Don't put the new potatoes in, cook them and crush them with loads of pepper and a great wodge of butter.


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        George, that sounds terrific!

        My husband LOVES red beans and rice with sausage...I'll look for a recipe. It's a Cajun thing. Kinda spicy. The link kind - not exactly breakfast sausage...Polska Kielbasa type...


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          We had sausage casserole last night - yum one of the best things about autumn! Instead of potatoes I use beans, we had black eyed peas, chick peas and cannellini beans. We also had a ton of beg and I used up the last of the bacon left over from hubbies breakfast. Lots of clean plates last night - my daughter even had seconds!!

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            Browning the sausages, does that mean cooking them a bit first?For how long.
            Then does it effect/reduce the cooking time when they are in the casserole?


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              Browning sausages - I'd cook them until they are brownish on the outside. It'll keep some of the moisture in them. Don't think it'd affect cooking times too much. You'll want your veggies cooked in the sauce too remember!

              I'll be looking for my sausage casserole recipe next!
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                I hope you remembered a good squirt of tomato puree, some garlic, mixed herbs and a stock cube for extra flavour