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  • Tornado!!

    My younger daughter just phoned to say a tornado struck Staten Island!!! I cannot believe it - of all places!!!

    Susannah was delayed leaving work by a co-worker who was yakking on and on about she missed her usual bus, thank God because that bus was hit by a tree and the windows were blown out!! She would have been among the injured!


    I told her once again to wear a diabetes ID bracelet on her ankle...but she just won't do it...but if she had been injured, it would have been so important to the EMS people to know that she has diabetes!

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    Someone is watching over your family for sure, Susan. So glad that Susannah is OK - I think the annoying co-worker deserves a hug for keeping her back! Hopefully this near miss might make her think again about her ID bracelet.

    Hope things calm down soon without any further damage (Oh, and don't even think about sending that weather our way!!)

    God bless & stay safe xx
    Ali x

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      I told Susannah that ditzy ol' Lorraine was an instrument of God...kept Susannah out of danger. She started to cry...


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        Glad to hear that your daughter is safe, and hopefully those on the bus are not to badly injured, it just goes to show you though that each action / step we take can have a lasting effect

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          Maybe she will carry some form of ID now then. Even if it is in her bag it could be a help. I know you can get separated from your possessions but it halves the risk.
          God helps them that help themselves.


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            That was lucky for Susannah. Hopefully she'll wear something to inform others of her diabetes from now on. It reminds me of that film sliding doors and what a difference it make whether or not you catch that tube train.
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              Oh my god, thank goodness she is OK, that must have been so scary. Hope the people on the bus are OK, and everywhere else there too.


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                Here's a different angle on the damage in NYC from the storms yesterday - kind of interesting - kind of poignant:



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                  It's weird how some things work out, thank goodness for your daughter's work colleague, so pleased Susannah is fine. We see these weather conditions on the telly and they look crazy...take care Susan and hope the weather keeps well for you.
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