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Anyone want to knit me some wooly socks??

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  • Anyone want to knit me some wooly socks??

    Brrrrr.....OK I know it's only September but it's getting a bit nippy at night and I'm determind not to light my fire until at least October (it was November but that might be pushing it a bit) so think I'd better stock up on wooly jumpers and thermals!

    It's been a bit windy the last few days so everytime I take dog for a walk I end up dragging back any bits of fallen tree to saw up for fire wood. Am starting to get funny looks from the BT man working up the lane!

    So I am sending out a virtual hug (may help to keep us warm) to any other members with no modern central heating (phah pressing a button to get heat it for wimps) Right I'm off to cuddle the dog now!

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    I don't have central heating either, in fact we never have. I end up just putting on more layers during the winter, but my sons don't seem to mind at all. They wear just t-shirts - and trousers- indoors all year round and never seem to get colds and flu like their friends.
    Last winter I finally succumbed to wearing a pair of winceyette pyjamas that my mum gave me, but that was only on the nights when there was thick ice on the inside of the bedroom window.



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      I'm sweating!!! Most likely because I've just got out of a very hot bath mind you!

      Although saying that there is no way I will be putting my heating on any time soon - I live on a second floor flat and the people below us seem to have their heating on all the time so our flat gets heated by theirs and the heat doesnt seem to escape from ours because of having someone above us. Its been above 25 degrees c all day (and night) for the last week or so while its still been very cold outside.

      At least we dont get massive heating bills and our flat gets aired out during winter as well as summer lol. It is always odd having the patio door open (its a fake balcony) while its snowing...


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        I grew up in a house with no central heating for a good few years but I must admit I am a total wimp now!
        PJ's are the way to go, I love them!
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          Im still trying to get used to how the central heating in my house works-its all water pressure, guages, dials and whatnot, and the clock doesnt appear to do anything. I usually turn the thing on for the last 4-5 hours of the evening, and then switch it off before I hop into bed and hope I dont freeze during the night. It doesnt get THAT cold, and the sun naturally warms my bedroom in the morning, but there are swhen I wake up and the cat has decided to get under the duvet with me, despite the cosy layer of fur he wears. While he is lovely and soft and warm, its like having a hot water bottle that begins to chew you once you've started to settle down....