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  • Lady Boys!

    Went to see the Lady Boys from Bangkok last night at Manchester United football ground (well, they were in a posh marqee in the N2 carpark).

    Totally fantastic night - very entertaining and good laugh!!

    So, if the tour stops near you, I recommend you go - get your singing voice ready!!!

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    I spotted a poster for it in Burnley town centre the other day and thought about you going - glad it was good!!
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      Ohhh, that sounds like great fun, I'd love to see that.

      I've been to Bangkok a few times and it was so hard to tell sometimes who the boys were and who the girls were. I was just giving my little brother the same advice today as he's going there soon.


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          LOL, sounds like excellent fun
          Jo x

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            What do 'lady boys' do to entertain???

            What on earth is involved in their show?? I would love to know more!!
            Anice xx
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              Originally posted by Funkyhand View Post
              What on earth is involved in their show?? I would love to know more!!
              Anice xx
              Heheh! And stop those naughty thoughts!

              Basically, its all songs (mimed generally) but they are really glammed up and a lot of dancing. It kicked off with 'Life is a Cabaret (old chum)' and she looked like Liza too!! Then 'In the Navy' with a very good Jack Sparrow lookalike swinging in! Bit from Titanic (with a man from the audience participating) - this was really funny! Did Madonna 'like a vigin' (what else?!) and the one from Bridget Jones' Diary when she's sad and in her slippers singing. Bit of Sinatra (My Way), Time Warp, Abba (Gimme, Gimme, Gimme and Dancing Queen), Shirley Bassey, Marilyn Monroe, Weather Girls (Raining Men)........ You get the picture!!!!

              It lasted 1 and 3/4 hours with 15 mins break but was worth it!! I thought there were loads of performers but in reality only around 14!!! It was non stop all the way through!!!

              A great night out!! And I was out with 2 of my cousins, 2 of my aunties and me mum!!

              Made me want to come home and start doing situps....
              But at gone midnight, I could not be ars*d!!!


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                we went to se them a few years ago in Edinburgh and they were fantastic. they always sell out when they come for the festival.

                They did keylie minogue and were great.

                hoping to go and see them again this year.

                makes me so jealous when you see their make up and figures,lol.

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