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Rosebud66 (Sue) - Funeral

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  • Rosebud66 (Sue) - Funeral

    Just to let Sue's friends know, her funeral was today just outside Norwich. My dad and I went along, as we'd become good friends with Sue and her hubby Alan since we first started visiting her early this year.

    We only stayed for the service; we didn't go back to the house for the wake. We'd never met any of the family before and we didn't want to intrude. Also, my dad's 83 now and he gets tired in the afternoons and needs his nap.

    As you can imagine, poor Alan didn't really have much time to speak with us, just a few words and hugs. So I didn't really get a chance to pass on all the good wishes from Sue's friends here. However, we'll be seeing Alan again soon, once things have quietened down for him, and I'll do so then.

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    Thankyou Daesul. That would be lovely of you. I would imaging he was very pleased to see you both there.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      A sad day for you and your dad but I am sure that you being there meant a lot to Alan,
      It will be nice for him to know that we on the forum were thinking of him and his family at his time and I`m very gratefull to you for passing on our condolences when you can


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        Oh a sad day. I seem to have had a year of funerals. Hubbys cousin has just died, no arrangements yet.
        I have lost 3 family members and a close friend this year.
        Always seem to be losing virtual friends on the BC forum too.
        Now on here we lose Rose.
        Hope this run of despair is over soon.
        Thanks for letting us know though darl. xxx

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