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Having a really bad day

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  • Having a really bad day

    Well, woke up this morning to find that my husbands car has been vandalised overnight in our driveway and an attempt at my car too! Going to cost him around £500 to get it fixed, which he needs to get done by Friday as his MOT is due. I really don't know what posseses people to do such nasty things in the world today.

    Thought I would do some painting and shape sticking with my 2 year old in the kitchen, only to find that his pot of orange pot paint decides to explode when I opened it - all over me, the dining table and all up the walls!

    I hope the old saying the things happen in 3's insn't true, as I have had enough today already!

    Trudy x

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    Quick break a matchstick in half! One of my Nan's superstitions, if 2 bad things have happened snap a matchstick and that counts as the third thing.
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      Sorry to hear that Trudy, I hope they get the bar stewards !! You would have thought the cars would be safe on your drive.




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        Maybe the attempt at your car is the third thing so your day will get better. It's so mindless what some people do for fun these days, and always causes someone else all the hassle.

        Good luck for an improved afternoon.
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          Not a good astart to the day - hope that's your three things all covered tho.

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            oh no that's really bad, sorry. Fingers crossed something amazing will happen in abit hon' xx
            Dee x
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              Originally posted by nattynetty View Post
              Quick break a matchstick in half! One of my Nan's superstitions, if 2 bad things have happened snap a matchstick and that counts as the third thing.
              My Dad always told me to do this too. Sorry to hear of your rotten day - some people really just are beyond belief with what they will do. Hope your week gets better quickly. Have to say that exploding paints is usually my trick (always has to be a bright colour, doesn't it! Usually red for me!)

              Ali x

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                Thank you everyone. Think I will treat myself to a big bag of maltersers and then induldge in a spot of crafting when my little one goes for a nap

                Just better watch my fingers in the old rotatrim after the day I am having


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                  Oh. Hope your day is going better now Trudy. I hate mindless vandalism. My car was keyed from bonnet to boot 10 days after I got it, not even a shiny new one just a little old girl like me ha ha, and only last week someone had another go on the opposite door, I was only in M&S Food for 5mins grrrrrrr. Mo.XX
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                    Hope the has improved - I expect the maltesers are helping!
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                      Why do people do these mindless things, it makes me mad.
                      Hope your day is improving. Maltesers work for me too!!
                      Lisa x
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                        Oh dear, mindless thugs, can't understand these things either. Hope your day improved and the choccies helped. I've never heard break the matchstick thing so hopefuly I'll try and remember that for the future.
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                          Sorry to hear about your day I hope something suitably horrible happens to them.
                          Hope you're feeling better

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                            Hi Trudy

                            How annoying time wasting and money costing - that those idots cause it infuriates me it really does. I completely simpathise My car was keyed full length and I could more or less prooved who had done it by the lipstick signature she had also applied to the car but the police didnt want much to do with it. It costs me a £175 in excess and since the incident happened outside my sisiters house and there have been four cars and two vans to date with the same results but the police say they cannot proove anything???!!!??
                            sooo annoying!



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                              Doesn't really surprise me about the police. We phoned them to report it and all they said was here's a crime number there is nothing we can do about it!

                              Thank you everyone for your kind words of support and it is so sad to hear that these mindless thugs have done similar things to your cars too.

                              My hubby owns his own IT shop which sells cctv and has now installed a cctv camera on our driveway to catch them if they come back. Makes me laugh that it only records when it senses movement, so I reckon we are going to get lots of footage of Jasper my cat wandering about and setting the recording off ;o) I will get to see what he gets up to during the day