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  • Spoke too soon...

    I knew better than to say (yesterday) how smoothly things were going re my father's funeral - today it has been one monkey wrench thrown into the works after another...grrrr, I am full of bad language...having wine now...will probably end up banging my head against the proverbial wall....snarl, grrrr, spit spit...

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    * hugs * and tops up your wine glass

    I hope tomorrow is a smoother day in making things go they way you want them to at this difficult time, and the wine headache is not noticeable at all

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      God help me, what next - my oldest daughter put some photos of two of her kids on her facebook page - my 5 year old granddaughter had dressed up her 3 year old little bro (again) in one of her pink dresses - so the heck what!! But a guy who grew up with my daughter has posted the ugliest comment and wrote a nasty email to another woman who thought it was gods and little fishes!!! Someone hold me back, I am really wanting to go over to the guy's parent's house (not far) and tell them a thing or two! But don't worry, I won't. Jeez, the guy is so threatened by the color pink...crikey. All the men who thought it was cute are married and have kids. This guy is not married - wonder why...okay, sorry, I am being hateful...


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        Breathe, deep breath now relax, you have had a rotten week and whether you have the time or not, you need to give your self some 'me' time just half an hour, read or just chill.

        Sometimes things always seem to go wrong other times right, I know it is hard but try to think of something good, let the FB idiot go, he is just pathetic, think of your good times with your Father.

        Take care


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          oh dear. Just try to stay calm and relax a little. I hope a sleep helps and the next day improves for you.
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            Our G/kids wear pink shirts and look lovely in them. This bloke obviously has his own problems Susan, what a plank, not worth letting him wind you up. He completely missed the point that two young children were happily playing together and enjoying each others company.
            God helps them that help themselves.


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              Grammie evey little thing is going to seem such a bid deal ATM with emotions running so high. Put it down to his ignorance. Hope everything runs more smoothly today Susan. Mo.XX
              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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                Just ignore them if brothers and sisters can't play with each other then there's something wrong. I pick my son up from nursery and he's wearing a pink tutu and angle wings let kids be kids is what I say.

                Hope things are a bit easier for you today with the funeral arrangements thinking of you.



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                  Stupid man. I have photo's of my son dressed up in one of my daughters dancing tutu's complete with tiara. He thought it was fab! Kids dress up, play and have fun, it's in their job description. This guy has 'issues'

                  Hope you're ok.

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                    Oh Susan, you are having a rough time...

                    I can only add my support to what everyone has already said. Won't even waste my energy telling you what I think of mr Pink-a-phobe!

                    Sending the biggest ((((HUGS))))) and will try to send more wine (if not I will drink it for you and send slightly hiccuppy, wobbly-legged HUGS!!)

                    Things will fall into place, as Mo has already said, everything is up in the air at the moment as your emotions are all over the place (obviously) and you just want to get everything just so. Thinking of you....

                    Hic... (oops!)
                    Ali x

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                      Just take care of you and yours, let the rest get on with this narrow minded nonsence, all will come right in the end.

                      Audrey Xx


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                        Oh Susan I know how you must feel, If anyone did that to my grandchildren I would need to be restrained, think its the tigeress we mums have
                        But honestly its better to rise above it. I`m sure you are not the only person to see and object to his inane comments, he may find he has a lot less "friends" on facebook now


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                          hate facebook for this very reason!

                          bollix to him and his narrowminded little world - sorry single little world !!


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                            Hugs for you Susan. I hope the world looks a better place today.