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  • How sweet is this!

    I was just walking down the road to get some milk form the post office, when an old lady walking in the opposite direction gestured for me to come here.

    She just started chatting to me, it was fab!!!!

    She has a daughter whose a photographer and is having trouble with the floods,.
    She was in the navy for 7 years, and remembers the war years, places like Portsmouth getting bombed!!But she doesnt like the new flats that have been built locally and isnt keen on the gardens that go with them.

    I dont have any grandparents left, Im adopting her.

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    That's lovely. I bet it made that old lady's day that you took time out to speak to her. Old folk have great storys and tales to tell but in the busy lives we all lead we don't have time to listen to them (I am guilty of this!).



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      So true.
      I thought to myself, Im meant to be doing something for to get back there!!
      Then I thought, nope, s*d it, how often to things like this happen?Id much rather listen to an old ladies stories than sit at a desk answering phones, so I made no effort to break away.

      She was so 'with it', maybe a little barmy just talking to a complete stranger, but everything she said made sense, she wasnt rambling, I thought if Im anything like her at that age Id be chuffed!

      Eventually one of her friends turned up so I said my goodbyes as she got chatting to her.

      My God, just worked out if she remembers the war and was in the navy around that time i reckon she must be in her 80's now!!

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        That's so sweet.
        I've lived in our street for 15 years.
        One of our neighbours is an old lady who's hubbie died a few years back.
        She is out everyday at 7am sweeping her front step and wiping down her window sills whatever the weather, but she bolts back in the house whenever she hears someone coming.
        This year i found out from her daughter that she was going to be 95.
        I went round all the neighbours and got a collection for some flowers.
        When i took it round to her,(lovely basket of flowers so she didn't have to arrange them,) she cried, she was soo chuffed!!
        She dosnt run away so much any more.. I think more people need to remember that The older generation fought a war for us...


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          I agree.
          The lady I spoke to was saying how her pension had been increased by a whole £5!!!!She meant it in a 'thats not enough' kind of way, and she talked about shellshock, and I was thinking its people like this who should have money thrown at them and they should be living a fantastic life.Like anybody that works in a warzone, they should be treated to the best aftercare available at no cost to them.

          She said how her light bulbs had been changed to be energy/money efficient, and how she was going to change them back.

          Its almost like the powers that be see the elderly as a burden.
          I do wish the older generation would write about their lives.Im getting very nostalgic in my old age and as I have no grandparents left i really wish id spoken to them more about their lives.Guess I was too young and shy to ask at the time.

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            I know, I remember when my grandparents were alive my gran would always tell us tails of her youth (my grandad liked the odd drink or 10 and this used to really rub my very church going gran up the wrong way something rotten). I remember going ow god not another when I was wee story but when you look back they lead really interesting and sometimes really hard lives and I really wish I had paid more attention.

            My mother in law died when she was 82 and she could talk for Scotland (about the past and the present) but I can tell you when they are not there you miss them and their stories!!!


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              My great-gran died at the age of 102 quite a few years ago now. I remember when I was little her talking about seeing the car invented, the aeroplane invented and living through both world wars. She and her daughter (my great-aunt who has also passed) used to be fire-watchers during the blitz in London and when the bombing got too bad they'd sit under the kitchen table.

              I only have vague recollections of her as we never visited that often, but I do know my dad's cousin was a primary school teacher (she was the daughter of my great-aunt) and she made voice recordings to play to her class.

              I'm not sure what year she was born, but it was definitely in the 1800's and she must have seen so much change. I mean BIG change. We're used to computers being updated, or TV's changing to flat-screen, but she saw them being invented
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                A little old lady stopped me in the market square the other day and complimented me on my motorcycle. "It's a shaft drive, isn't it?" she said - after chatting about it for a little while she told me she'd been a despatch rider in the war on a motorcycle! I should have asked her if she'd like a spin sometime.......


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                  Fantastic posts!!! Great to hear!!
                  Thats exactly what Im on about, the Blitz, seeing big changes in the world, cars, planes etc.
                  What do we get?Going from a Walkman to an iPod isnt that amazing.

                  Thats why I love the idea of these life books, just a plane notebook and you write down your life history, sticking in ticket stubs, old photos, anything just as a record of your life to hand down to your kids and then there kids.

                  Love the idea of a voice recording too!!

                  I only found out by chance a few years before my nan died that she had a sister!!
                  I now have a photo of my nan and her sis (looking very edwardian, love it)but no idea which is which.
                  Also, my nan had a daughter(my dads sister) before my dad was born but she died when she was 1 and we have no idea where she is buried.


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                    My Dad has been tracing the family tree and we've found out loads of things that we never knew - like my Grandad had around 11 brothers and sisters (some of whom lived in the same town) when we thought he had only 3..........

                    Some of the family - earlier generations - were a bit dodgy tho!!!


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                      I was waiting outside the bank the other week and this little old lady came up to wait to, and we got chatting, she was hysterical. She started off by telling me "I just come out of the shop and saw this car really badly parked and thought to meself 'Cor, thats f***** bad parking innnit, some people really shouldn;t drive', then I thought, 'Oooo, looks the same as my car, and they have got the same cuddly toy in the window' then I realised, it was only me own bloody car!!!"

                      I nearly fell on the floor laughing, especially hearing her swearing like a tropper, wasn't offensive just very funny. Then she started saying she went into town the other day and got some bits and then went back to the car and the bloody key wouldn't work and she said she was jamming it about trying to open it and the alarm went off and she couldn;'t turn it off and was swearing and cursing, 'then I realised, it weren't me f****** car!' !!! I was nearly wetting myself, was like the Catherine Tate Gran character, only she was very glam and made up to the nines. I could have stood there listening to her all day, such a character.

                      Then on the other hand there is the old lady who lives next door to us who is such a nasty, vindictive person, and unfortunately its the ones like that that give the rest of them a bad name and and make us not want to give enough time to the worthy ones!
                      Jo x

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                        They've Done It All....

                        ...that generation, all we're left with are variations on the same themes. We can make make bigger better aeroplanes, but they MADE the aeroplanes..they made man fly. Same with cars and lots of other stuff like movies & tv. All these things that we take for granted.

                        My grandad was killed in 1942 in El Alamein. I never knew him and it cheeses me off. There's one story about him home on leave and asking my nan what was for dinner. Cabbage & mash, she said, it's all we've got. Grandad asked if she had any money. Sixpence was the answer. He took the sixpence and went out, leaving her with 3 hungry children and in a foul temper. An hour later he was back with 10 bob, 1lb sausages and some cheese.....he'd gambled the sixpence and half their spuds! I loved the way she smiled whenever she told that story.

                        My other grandad was the village blacksmith at Invershin. He didn't marry my Granny until he was 48 and had enough money behind him to take a wife. My granny was half his age. Sadly, back in the 70's she had seven strokes in quick succession which left her hospitalised and she only ever recognised Grandad after that. I know she was in hospital for quite a few years before dying and a year later he gave up and died himself. He couldn't go on with out her.

                        My Nan died two years ago, the day after my Mum's birthday, but she was 93 so not a bad innings. After my grandad died in the war it was 18 years before she remarried. Still miss her...

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                          There are no little smilies to help me say what I want to say
                          And I can't articulate the words
                          But brought a lump to my throat

                          BIG HUG to you!


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                            Great thread chaps

                            So much more interesting than who's selling the cheapest Chinese craft stuff!

                            My Great Uncle died recently and he was 106. He had some fantastic stories and a fantastic singing voice too. He even lived in his own bungalow until about 3 years ago when he finally had to go into a home. I hope my Dad is up there having a good laugh with Uncle John

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