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    Bit of a scary day today. Tara went to bed fine last night but woke up at 9ish being very very sick. She was sick again at 10 but then slept through. When Matt went to change her bum this morning her nappy was bone dry - which is highly unusual for a baby! She threw up again this morning so didn't have her milk or breakfast but seemed a bit better once she had her bath. Had little bits of water throughout the morning but they came back up. She was also falling asleep all the time which is not like her at all. Spoke to MIL at lunchtime and she said that bumping her head on Thurs might have something to do with it Cue panicked call to NHS direct who suggested that we take her to A and E, specially since she still hadn't had a wee. Anyway, the doctors said it was nothing to do with her bumping her head (how relieved was I?) and it's a viral infection.They did offer to keep her in for a bit and observe but they would only be doing what we would be at home. Been giving her Diarolite and little bits of water since we got back and it's stayed down. And she has just had her first wee!!! And a little bit of milk before bed - I know it's early but she is shattered.
    So fingers crossed that she is feeling a little better tomorrow!
    So I now officially love the NHS - the Dr's at Burnley are great!
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    Glad she's on the mend, and your NHS experience was a good one.

    Ipswich on the other hand, i could tell you some storys about when i've been visiting in there that would make you never go to hospital again....


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      Oh poor little thing, hope she is a lot better in the morning
      Jo x

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        Hope she gets better soon I have had my share of waits in the A&E at the sick kids hospital - glad you like the NHS cause I work for them.

        Tell Tara get well soon.

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          Hope she's better soon Swirly, I've only got good things to say about the NHS in Scarborough with our experiences, but I'm sure it's not the same for everyone.

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            ....hope she gets better soon, poor sweetie! Hope Mum & Dad are ok too...very scary when little ones are poorly.

            When you think about it, mostly what's wrong with the National Elf is the politicians.....the staff are just amazing.

            Years ago, when he was 10, #1 son came off his push bike and lost an argument with a large and very solid parked van.

            We rushed him into the Aberdeen Children's Hospital with his face & mouth badly mangled. We had to wait hours with a new baby, a toddler and a whinging 6 year old, none of whom had had tea...

            The doctor we were told to wait for finally arrived at gone 10pm. Only then when he'd introduced himself did it become apparent why the A&E staff were waiting for him. He was a plastic surgeon. He'd been busy saving the face of a habitual drunk at the Infirmary who'd been in a bottle fight.

            He did the most amazing job on #1 son too, and he was there for hours painstakingly dealing with every little detail. Can't describe how brave the #1 son was.....I was cringing.

            Not only am I hugely thankful for him saving our boy's looks, but I am still amazed that he did what he did for the drunk who only had himself to blame. TBH I didn't have any sympathy for the drunk (that doesn't sound very nice I know) but huge amounts of admiration for the surgeon for dealing with a still badly drunk and fairly abusive man with endless patience, and still wanting to save his looks.

            Get Well Soon Tara!

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              I had an amazing experience with a surgeon at Hull Royal Infirmary who operated on DS when he was only 10 months old. He had a dermoid cyst up his nose and it was so rare that even the surgeon had never seen one before. Anyway after a 4 hour operation (we were practically beside ourselves at this point) DS was in recovery with just a swollen face and black eyes.

              The surgeon, Mr Ell, had made an incision under his top lip to get at his nose so that he wouldn't be disfigured.

              Ben's now 3½ and there is no scar or anything to show he had ever had an operation. We are so thankful to Mr Ell and his team.

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                My 16 month old - Mia is sick tonight too, i've just finished cleaning up the second lot. I'm going to take her to bed with me in a minute as i don't like leaving them in their cot when there sick. Will be taking plenty of towels, a beaker of water, wet wipes and a bucket!

                The joys!!!!!!!!!

                Hope Tara is starting to feel a bit better now.
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                  There must be something in the air tonight as my two year old son Rowan has been throwing up since 8 oclock this evening. So far had to change his pyjamas three times, my clothes twice and his bed once. Looks like its going to be a fun night.

                  Hope everyones little ones feel better soon and fingers crossed all the parents dont end up with it.

                  Paula x


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                    Sorry to hear your little one isn't very well. I hope she gets well soon, and good on the dr's for their help in it all. It makes you feel secure when they do a good job.


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                      Sorry to hear everyones kids are ill, hope there is less upchucking today!!!

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                        Morning everyone,
                        I hope all the little ones are feeling a bit better today.
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                          Whaaayy! At last the NHS can do something right!
                          My eldest can puke for fun - he only has to cough and we are covered! I've had my experiences of being a service user especially with Samuel as he's always got everything a lot worse - been in isolation twice and no fun when pregnant too!!

                          Hope your little un is better and the other must be a little worried too as kids don't like their sibblings being ill.