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Sucked in to '24'

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  • Sucked in to '24'

    So has anyone else been sucked in?
    A friend lent me series 1 box set. Omigod, it is soooooo addictive.
    it is impossible to just watch one episode, you have to watch the whole cd which has 4 episodes on it...
    And there's 6 cds in a box set, we are on 4 for the next sitting.. which could well be tonight...
    Luckily said friend has all the box sets i think there is 5 or 6 of them....
    Oh help will i ever see daylight again....

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    I know ecatly what you mean!!! We bought season 1 while we were travelling and got completely addicted - stayed up to all hours as we just had to watch the next episode. I am on the lookout for season 2 at the moment. There are 5 in total I think, so imagine how many hours we are going to spend glued to the TV!!!!
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