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  • Crafts for young children

    Does anyone have any ideas on how you'd go about getting an 18 month old to 2 year old involved in simple crafts?

    I know there wont be much they can do, but im looking for things that me and my daughter can do together to bide time.

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    I would go with painting, drawing and simple collage - I made cards with my daughter when she was smaller, and still do actually! Black bin bags on the floor is my top tip too!
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      You'll be surprised what a child of that age can do! I started crafting with my daughter as soon as she could hold a brush in her hand. What she created was just a mass of colour ... usually a messy brown colour lol, but she could tell me what each little blob was and why it was there. It fires their imagination and encourages manual dexterity.

      I would recommend going to one of the cheap wallpaper shops and get the most horrid paper you can find ... I picked up 2 rolls for less than £1 a year or so ago. Poster paint can be very cheap and is widely available. Either go outside, or get a wipe clean tablecloth / mat and let her just go for it. When she has finished, encourage her and ask her about her painting and what she has done. Then hide the paints so that she doesn't try to paint her bedroom or the hall walls!!

      My daughter also loves cardmaking when I do it. At first, she would just paste the card with glue and see how much glitter she could load onto it. But as she progressed with her dexterity and could use scissors, she started making better things. One thing she did love ..and actually still does given half a chance is using my Sizzix machine. She's still amazed at 6 years old at how it cuts such nice shapes.

      The only thing I would recommend is don't give her too many things at a time, it will become confusing. Start by sticking and gluing and if she enjoys it, add more things gradually such as rubber stamping (another one that kids adore). Gen also liked embossing with brass stencils onto parchment paper, but I think she was about 4/5 when we did this so not sure about such a young one.

      Forgot to say .... plastic stencils are also great for kids, they come in different shapes, I have a few sets that I use with smaller children when they're painting plates. They have animals / vehicles / christmas and others. I think I got mine from Wilkinsons, but they are available from craft stores, they cost around £2 for a pack of 6.
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