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Broadband Nightmare!!

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  • Broadband Nightmare!!

    Just wanted to check in and let everyone know that my broadband has gone down and so I have not been around for the past week. Its going to take another week to get a new Router from Sky (you cannot use any old one apparently cos they hardwire the codes in and wont give them to you verbally) and then I am on hols for 2 weeks.

    I just wanted to say happy birthday to any members whose birthday it is before I am back on again properly and good luck to all with your craft fairs and makes whilst I am away.

    I have had to borrow a computer at someone elses home to have quick look this evening cos its been driving me mad!

    Am looking forward to logging back in in three weeks to catch up with all the gossip!!

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    Oh no, I'd go nuts without my internet connection!! Mind you, I'd get an awful lot more crafting done!

    Have a great holiday

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      Ohhh I know just how you feel. I was on holiday recently with almost no access to the internet, and I was ill with withdrawal symptoms by the time I got home. It took me two days to catch up on all the posts on the forum. Not to mention all the junk emails that i Must look at even though i know they are junk
      Hope you have a lovely holiday
      just sally
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