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  • As there are lots of mummys here...

    ...I need to ask a question.

    My worst fear came true the other day.
    I was putting away washing up and a drip of water fell onto the plug of my food processor, I dabbed away what I could.
    Now, I seem to remember that electricity and water are not a good combination, so, what do I do?
    Never use it again or give it a few days hoping itl evaporate away in time?

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    Well if it was a lot of water you dropped on it I would forget it it would probably spontaneously combust when you plugged it in.

    If it was a drip on the plug it will be okay. I can just see you plugging it in tentatively, one arm outstretched and covering your face!!! Or is that just my vivid imagination.

    As long as the plug wasn't sitting in a pool of water you should be fine.



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      lol and some of the "Daddys" may have been able to answer that to :P


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        Originally posted by O Dogg View Post
        lol and some of the "Daddys" may have been able to answer that to :P
        Yes sorry, daddys are included.As my parents are on their hols I felt like I needed a mummy opinion first.

        It was only a couple of drips.
        I plan on inserting the plug with something non conductive and wearing rubber shoes.

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          Use a wooden spoon but seriously I think you will be fine - do you think I would be able to hear the KABOOM all the way up to Glasgow?

          hehe only kidding.


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            Water and electricity do not mix as we all know, however I don't think that you've got much to worry about with a few drips. I would give it a day or so to dry and then open up the inside of the plug and make sure that there's no excess water before you plug in next time. If you had dropped it in the washing up bowl then I think you'd need to worry before plugging in. I'm constantly splashing waster around and have never had any problems.

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              Years Ago.....

              ....The DD decided our tv needed a wash. At the rate I dust, she was probably right, but orange juice and the old dishbrush possibly weren't the tools to use......

              I was having kittens...Himself was at work, and the last he would have wanted to hear is that we needed a new tv. We were totally broke, and new tv's were not on the agenda.

              I unplugged the tv as soon as I realised what she'd done ( I left her watching Rosie & Jim, to go and feed the baby) and dried it out as best I could with kitchen towel, but some of the juice had gone down in between the plastic casing and the screen.

              So, no more tv for the rest of the day, and none when Himself came home either. He was cheffing at the time, so he was luckily too tired to want to telly for four days, which was when I judged it sufficiently safe to turn it back on again having had the heating going at full throttle all the while.

              I was very careful, I wore rubber soled shoes, and rubber gloves. I had the oldest next to the lever for the mains, ready to yell to him to flip the lever if the tv went bang. The other two children were stationed far away at the bottom of the garden...

              It was fine!

              Just as well, because less than a month later the DD did it again. By this time it was old news, unplug, mop up, dry out.....switch on! Hey presto!

              So, I think your plug'll be fine!

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                What is it about kids and trying to destroy tv's.

                About 3 weeks after we got our nice, swanky flat screen my son decided to draw on the screen with a pencil!

                Only, the worst of it was, I knew nothing about it, so it was hubby who discovered it!

                Of course, it was all MY fault "why has he got a pencil in the first place?"

                Almost as bad as the scissor-snips we discovered in the bottom of my lovel living room voile at the window. About every 3 inches there's a lovely 1 inch snip! Again, MY fault "why has he got scissors in the first place?"

                Hmmm - can sense a pattern - maybe it is MY fault for being so untidy!
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