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Forget Botox, fillers and other expensive beauty treatments!

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  • Forget Botox, fillers and other expensive beauty treatments!

    I have found the most fantstic home remendy for lines, wrinkles and it's incredibly cheap as well, infact it actually costs nothing. It leaves your face tingling and wonderfully pumped up.

    Simply go into the garden and grasp a huge pile of stinging nettles near the base. Make sure it's the biggest pile of them in your garden. Pull hard, loose your ballance, topple backward and watch the nettles fly up into the air and fall down on your face.
    I can guarantee that the pain is immence. ..... but you know what they say "no pain, no gain!"

    within half an hour the side of your face will swell up. I think I might need to improve my technique as the effect is at the moment incredibly blotchy.
    Why not go and give it a go!!!!
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.

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    Nah it's alright, think I'll give that one a miss

    Moral of the story....get someone else to do your gardening
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      How awful for you.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        I got all excited for a minute there, then

        OUCH!!!!! you poor thing,

        now I know why I've left my garden to nature!
        Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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          Ouch!!! I think I will also pass on that one!!! LOL



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            Ouch, hope you are 'going down' a bit now. Certainly made us all look though

            think I will give that one a miss too thanks, content with the wrinkles.

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              ouch, that made my eyes water.


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                Think I'll pass on that technique - just stick to oil of olay I think!!
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                  This was a must read for me . As I got further into the message decided to pass like the others. Hope you feel better soon, Linda
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                    Ouch. Hope the swelling goes down soon. Mo.XX
                    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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                      Ha ha, you're evil! There we all were, hoping for a miracle!

                      I know how painful it must have been - once when I was on a riding lesson my horse bolted and I fell off right into a huge nettle patch. As it was a hot day I was only wearing a skimpy vest. So my face, neck and arms were stung all over. What's more, I was so winded from the fall I couldn't move for about 3 minutes so I just had to lie there!



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                        OUCH! Oh you poor thing-sounds like something Id do!
                        Similarly I found a pretty good remedy for unwanted leg hair. Go out, have a few drunks with some mates to ring in the New Year, then go home and get out a hot water bottle. Driunkeness makes this more effective.
                        Forget the snuggly water bottle cover-you dont need it. Ignore the directions the manufacturers thoughtfully printed on the bottle and fill with boiling hot water, straight from the kettle. Take aspirin for the predicted hangover, and to help with the swelling, and fall into bed with the water bottle somewhere between knees and feet.
                        Et Voila! When you awaken you will find you have scalded off the hair no need to shave that particular patch for a few months.....took me ages to figure out what had gone wrong. Thought I was going bald from the feet upwards....


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                          I am much better this morning. Only the fingers still tingling. I went out to a concert last night and had to answer several enquiries as to what I had done as the side of my face looked aweful.

                          I am on a nettle offensive now. I shall keep on top of the weeding!
                          full time mum and very very part time crafter.