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Am I too sceptical for my own good?!

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  • Am I too sceptical for my own good?!

    Is it me or are there some new dodgy user names on this forum??!!

    Some have given me a giggle but for the life of me I can't see the link to crafting.....

    What do you think?

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    Some people have user names they have used for other sites and forums - most of the 'dodgy' ones are closely watched by mods until they either seem ok, or get banned! I'm now going to have a look and see who you mean. BTW.............can I have 2 bags of sugar and 3 nutmegs please?


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      Well I guess with my username it is fairly obvious what I make - well my husband says I make a right royal mess though!!!

      Peter were you a comedian before you started crafting!!!!



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        I wish i could of thouhgt of a better name for myself but just couldnt come up with one

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          We get a least 1 pills / sex / porn username register and you can watch them go stright to the non related section and try to post links...

          Most give up as you need 25 post before you can link but a few don't so we ZAP them.. (also know as setting peter on them)

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            So it's just me then?!

            Sugar and nutmeg on order for you Peter!


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              If you spot any posts that shouldn't be on the forum or are advertising, listing url's etc before 25 posts then you can report them by clicking on the warning triangle at the top of each post. The mods all get an email and one of us will zap them or edit the post.
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                You can usually spot the dodgy ones - they seem to come out of the woodwork at night!!
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