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wet and windy... why do we do it?

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  • wet and windy... why do we do it?

    Just got back from a weekends camping up in Staithes near Whitby.
    Last week following the weather frcast, we were sorely tempted to call it off, but three kids looking crest fallen andeven tears from Eden, meant that we put on our "great great Brill Brill parents hats" and packed. Towards the weekend the five day outlook forcast on the BBC web site changed for white fluffy clouds with not a spot of rain to be seen!!
    Set off early sunday morning. It was fine but not very bright. Got to the camp site (a little unpretencious famous five style basic site. Really laid back, few tents etc. ) only to be told that the owners might be selling up (booh hiss!!!)
    Set the tent up and ... you guessed it, it began to rain.
    No more rain for the next couple of days, but it was cold and grey and we were thasnkful for the tent heater we bought before stiing off. We had very very windy nights but the tent stayed put and then last night everybody apart from one caravan cleared off and we now think they all knew what we didn't....
    the wind began to blow and the rain tanked it down.
    Every thing is very wet. We stuffed the kids into the car this morning and chris and I tried to stuff soaking ground sheets, tent etc into the car and roof box, had to keep climbing into the car and warming our hands up. before making a mieserable journey home to ..... bright sunshine!
    The garden and house are now covered in wet tent etc.
    This is not the first time this has happened to us. We've been camping three years now and every year one of our trips is like this!
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    This is exactly why I don't do camping...... EVER!

    When I was 15 I went on a school trip - 2 weeks camping round Iceland.

    "Oooh, trip of a lifetime...." blah, blah, blah. I hated every minute of it. Doing your business with a pick-axe - washing your hair in a freezing cold torrent of a river - finding someone else's pink loo-roll when you used your pick-axe. Uhhhh - I'm shuddering just remembering it.

    I've never been camping since.

    We put the tent up in the back garden for my little boy during the hot weather last summer (remember those 2 days? June I think it was.....) So hubby and little one set off (all of 3 paces) to the tent and snuggled in for the night. Meanwhile I snuggled up on the sofa with my choccie and the TV remote when I get a text message from my husband saying "it's raining"

    Must be something in the material tents are made from that attracts rain? Perhaps that could be the answer to droughts........ Send them some tents from Britain.

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      Fair Weather Campers...

      ....that's us!

      We got to Exford on Exmoor, only about an hour or so away. We've been so many times that we're on first name terms with the cows....

      I love camping, but only in fair weather. Any sign of rain and it's home we go. Luckily, we've had great weather everytime we've been. Last year we had my 40th birthday down there and nearly cooked, it was so hot.

      Not sure we'll make it this year, but we are camping at Hayle's Farm, Winchcombe this year when we do the 2 day craft fair at Sudeley Castle.
      Quite a few crafters will be camping so it looks like it mught be quite a party on Saturday night!!

      Good luck with drying out that tent!

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        I would LOVE camping .... if I could take my lovely comfy bed, my gorgeous shower, be guaranteed lovely warm, dry weather and absolutely no nasty critters about!!!!

        ..... yep, am not a fan either!!!
        Jo x

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          I live in Scarborough which isn't far from Staithes and yes, it has been wet, windy, cold and thoroughly miserable for the whole bank holiday weekend. Shame you didn't come at Easter, it was glorious.

          My DH won't do camping due to being 6'4" tall - that's his excuse anyway!

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            We went 'camping' at the weekend, exhibiting our Reo 109 at Strumpshaw Steam Fair.
            Got the back kitted out for all weathers, double bed, TV, Hot water, oven, Wood Burner........
            We're going to take our tent to Southwold in August, that will hit us hard.......


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              Just persuaded Matt to go camping for the first time - I used to go with Guides and loved it!! Not going to let him read this thread now though!!
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                This says it all....

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