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    My friend is going crazy. Where is was going to hold her wedding do as gone bust and we now have to move it to are local club but she as to do all the food herself so she as asked me would i do it for her its going to be a cold buffet for 150 people and in the evening between 200 and 300. So this is where i need HELPPPPPPPPP what on earth can i do that looks good and does take to long to do. Its not till December 8th but she aslo wants me to do the wedding favors so i got loads to do her colours are red and gold she also has a few kids going so do i do a small table for just the kids and where can i get plates and stuff like that cheep

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    M&S do a buffett service type thing you could check that out. Don't imagine it will be cheap though.

    Do you have a Costco near you? Because they are really great for getting foodstuffs in bulk (their cakes are fantastic and the icing is to die for mmmmmm!!!)

    They cover the plastic plates, cups, napkins all that side of things because they are a wholesaler for the catering profession I think (not to mention they sell tyres and clothes too). You would get an idea of what to make if you take a walk through, they are always doing demos and things.

    Not much use I know but all I could think of.



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      Hi there,

      Well you must be a good's alot to take on as well as the favours. I was a chef for 20yrs before becoming a glass artist!
      Pm me and I will send you some easy menus to look at...and some hints n tips.

      Sure it will all go well, just a matter of getting the portions right & being organised and checking and rechecking and getting plenty of help.


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        Blimey Snow Angel, you've got your work cut out for you!

        I got married ten years ago in November and we did our own food for the evening do. We did a buffet and made everything possible the day before.

        We made alot of big bowls of different pasta salads and rice salad, quiches, chicken legs, sausages, scotch eggs, bought mini pasties, sausage rolls and baps from the local bakers, whole ham leg boiled and roasted with mustard and demerera sugar coated and a side of beef all slice up. Pickled onions, butter, pickles, salad cream all in bowls and even cheese on sticks. We needed lots of fridge space!!

        For desserts we made pavlovas, big bowl of fruit salad, jugs of runny cream, profiteroles, banoffee in a big bowl and big trifle.

        You'll plenty of help too. It was well worth it, everybody enjoyed it.

        It may sound just the normal run of the mill, and I know everyone wants something a bit different, but in the end all everyone wants is to enjoy the day with the bride and groom and have full bellies, if there isn't enough food then that is what sticks in peoples memories, I'm sorry to say.

        Hope this helps, if you were nearer I'd offer to lend a hand.

        If nothing else think simple with that amount of people time will be the deciding factor.