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  • I'm Soo angry

    I have just been to post some letters on foot as usual.
    However before getting to the post office four young men in a car, obviously saw me as target practice, I was soaked by a water gun filled with odd blackcurrant ish? smelling liquid all over my face, hair, the packages to post, my arm leg, I wan so shocked I didn't get the registration number down and ther was no one else around.
    Had to go to the post office smelling of blackcurrant, and completely soaked. I found out on the way back I was not the only victim, the lollypop man and another guy as well!!
    Now had a shower but I still feel really rubbish.
    sorry for having a rant but need to get it out!

    Sometimes when it looks like it is a good day things just turn upside down.
    thank you for listening.
    I'm going to post something happier soon!!
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    Oh thats awful, you totally deserve to rant!!!
    Where they your work packages?

    I was walking to the post office a couple of years back and a car full of guys drove past and one leaned out and shouted 'OI...YOU GOT A FAT ARRRRSE!'.

    Luckily I found it funny..but being squirted with yucky water isnt.

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      Not good...

      Oh Elizabeth, that's disgraceful! I can understand why you are so mad I would be as well. People today have no respect for anyone, note I didn't say youngsters..these people were in a car at least one of them has to be over 17 to be driving so they are pretty much adults..pathetic adults but adults just the same.
      Hopefully they will get their payback at sometime..pity you probably wont be there to see it.
      Anice xx
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        I'm moving past the anger

        I feel better already, the parcels were for work luckily the fabric inside is in a small plastic lining so should be ok, I will have to email the buyer and apologise for the odd smell perhaps!

        Thanks for the reply
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          Oh my, that's absolutely disgraceful. It's actions of immature individuals like that who cause so many accidents, they obviously have no respect for anyone or anything.

          You've got every right to be steaming mad here. Hopefully someone managed to get their car registration number and they get what they truely deserve.

          * hugs *

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            Ironically i'm not even that much past a youth at 24,
            but i really hope karma works for this one, been thinking about how in an ideal world i could take them to a fire station and blast them with the fire hose.
            Its sad one of them has a licence, hopefully someone else in town got their numberplate and then I suspect a trip to the local high school would sort it all out.

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              Utterly Disgusting....

              ...but even if you phoned the police, they wouldn't do anything. It's so gross, really ruins your day and faith in society as a whole.

              I do hope you feel better. Maybe, if you're really lucky, those prats will have soaked the wrong person, who will then have tracked them down and beaten them to a (slightly blackcurrant smelling) purple mush......!!

              What I think of them is unrepeatable.

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                Thats terrible, I saw that happen to someone a few years ago but they got their just deserts. They soaked a man on the street and he was raging and started chasing after the car. Guess what the lights turned to red and they got stuck. The guy caught up with the car and physically dragged the guy out the window. It was their just deserts.

                I would be none to pleased concidering it was blackcurrant but I believe in Karma and what goes around comes around.

                Hope you feel better.

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                  Good grief that is disgusting, I would be absolutely livid too. But you're right, even if you had of got their details the police wouldn't have done a thing, there was an old garage closed down opposite us and whilst it was empty we saw an old white van pull up and start dealing to some kids, was so obvious what they were doing. I phoned the police whilst looking out of my window seeing it going on, gave them the registration etc, said 'they are there now if you come', they were over there for a good half hour or so, and nobody turned up!! Have had a couple of times when we have had to phone the police for my parents and had a no show, I kicked up such a stink in the end on one occasion that 6 police officers turned up in the end.....was only for a broken window on my dads car!! So have no faith in them whatsoever.

                  Glad you are feeling a bit calmer now though and yep, what goes around will hopefully come around
                  Jo x

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                    Thank you Thank you Thank you

                    Thank you everyone for your support,
                    Its been really lovely and now I feel fine if still abit cross!!
                    Also I've indulged in some chocolate so feeling better,

                    Its great to have someone to talk to when you're pulling you hair out!!
                    So to everyone thats responded thank you, you've made my day 100% better.
                    And I'll endeavour to post some more and get to know you all better

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                      Idiots. They should have done to them what they do to others but life is never that simple.

                      Glad you are feeling better. Rise above the fools!

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                        Hope someone does it back to them one day!!

                        I was walking to church one morning when a car drove past the biggest puddle in the village a splashed me...... the expletives that flew from my lips were very colourful to say the least.

                        On ariveing at church the vicar came hurrying over "oh Karen," he said, "I am so sorry I really didn't think about the puddle until it was too late!"

                        I don't know to thid day if he heard me.
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                          thats just awful like others have said i hope someone does it back to them

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                            I hope they fall in a puddle of dog wee wee.

                            Sorry, not feeling very charitable tonight. I hate people who inflict themselves on total strangers like that. We live at a crossroads and I get so cross with the number of cars who sit at the lights with music blasting from their open windows at all hours of the day & night. I want to rush over & shout 'Your music sucks!!! Tell me your address and I'll come and sit outside your house and play my choice of music, let's see how you like Motorhead at 2 o'clock in the morning!!!!' but I never do. Which is probably a good thing.
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                              Oo what a horrible thing to happen . I hate people who do things like that, they are so disrespectful I often wonder if they are human at all!

                              I can well understand you being furious. Somebody threw a can of orange Tango out of a car window at me once while I was cycling. Not funny at all and I know how you feel.
                              Becks H xx