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    Thought i'd create a thread as it's been quite quiet here. So what you all up to today? work for me and it's gonna be a busy week.

    Hope you all have a good day
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    work, work, work, a meeting or two and ow yeah more work!!!

    I have my daughters Parents Evening tonight so no candle making for me. When I get home I am going to watch (no drool over David Tenant) Dr Who, missed it on Saturday.


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      Doggie walking in a min.... he's waiting patiently....
      Then i'm skipping of to the post office to collect my candles from Lisa Yeahhhhhhhhh
      After that i need to go to the shop and wait for a delivery, make sure the new girl is ok, and see what shifts she can do next week!!!!!
      I have promised myself i'm going to sort out my mountain of beads and findings today as i'm off to find the Rocking Rabbit shop next week and i want to make a list of what i need......
      Then i'm off to the shop this afternoon to do some work....
      Oh it's my neices 15th bday today so we are all out for a meal tonight...


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        ....not up to much here. I must get a load of aprons cut out, including Caroline's 3, and I want to try half-aprons too, and also one for gardening, with lots of pockets. Got some laundry experiments to do too, see if my canvassy fabric washes up well.

        I need to commandeer the dining table, and pull it out to 12ft for cutting out, so I'd better see what soggy cereal blobs my boys have left me to clear up before I start.....

        But first things first, let's prioritise!!!!!

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          Trial run to Perry Barr today so I know where I'm going for an interview tomorrow!

          other than that just continuing with the many millions of little jobs still to doa round the house since moving in! The house had been let for 10 years so LOADS of "Little" jobs to keep me going for a while yet.... and probably too much time on the computer avoiding doing the said jobs!!


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            An order to post! first thing. Im a govonor at school and should have been going in to see a year six production but ive had to cancel being as i carn't move my face or jaw this morning for some strange reason. Can you imagine me sitting there unable to smile or show any expression. Would frighten the life out of the poor kids lol.
            So im just going to have an easy day. Yeah right does it ever work out that way?????


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              After such a long weekend, I would love to be relaxing in the sunshine, but no! I have so much housework to catch up on. Like most crafters I can usually ignore the dust and mess, but it really needs to be done!! Then I've got a couple of new pages to write for the website.

              Not complaining really, the sun is shining and at least i'm not stuck in a stuffy office
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                Friend has just had a baby so card and pressie to make for her. Then it's another friends birthday on Friday so coasters to make for her, card for her, two cards for my friends twins - oh and I've got a pile of fabric cut ready to be made into chickens - busy busy. Whats the betting i don't get any of that done though!!
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                  Yet another visit to my tame GP for yet another cortisone injection in yet another joint! I'll have boobs like Dolly Parton soon!


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                    Work for me too. I'm feeling a bit exhausted now after having a load of school kids in looking at animals and handling them.... too much screaming going on for my liking!
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                      Originally posted by Apple Tree Crafts View Post
                      ....not up to much here. I must get a load of aprons cut out, including Caroline's 3, Jules
                      Ooooooh you've started them can't wait until they come. Haven't told my assistant yet that she'll be wearing one lol.

                      I've had a very busy day emptying moulds this morning and then this afternoon I've been doing some painting onto vases that I made last week. Still got a few more left to do, but I'm more or less there now. I'm trying out some new glazes from which I've got some wonderful results when I opened the kiln this morning :-) Hopefully I'll sell them all over the weekend.

                      As soon as hubby gets home I'm off out to do 3 lots of baby footprints for neighbours who have had babies in the past couple of weeks. I think that they must be putting something in the water here lol

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                        Whilst I was going on my recce to find out where I have to go for a job interview tomorrow, I had a call offering me a job at the Radio imaging Dept in our local hospital! I had an interview there a while ago and didn't get the job as someone with more experince had applied. Now there's another vacancy come up and she wants me to take it!! Got to check with her manager but fingers crossed!

                        Getting a permanent job is my next big hurdle for settling into a new life following seperating from my husband!

                        Apart from that have spent the afternoon cutting yet more trees down in our overrun garden!


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                          Good Luck.....

                          ......I do hope you get whichever job you'd love most, and that it works out for you.

                          It'll be a huge boost to your confidence after seperation.

                          Good Luck wishes heading your way!

                          Apple Tree Crafts


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                            I'm having a good day!!

                            I'm having a good day despite the blip that i wrote a rant about, which did help me feel loads better, so thanks everyone for your support.
                            I've just finished cutting the fabric for the first dress of my own design, fingers crossed it goes well, as usual I've thrown myself in at the deep end, its going to have 10 panels that curve as the skirt hopefully anyway!!
                            I've also got a commision for a summer dress which was quite unexpected so busy busy bee,
                            I've also just had some chocolate just for good measure, and I'm going to sort the interfacing out and start sewing!!

                            fingerscrossed for the job.
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                              well where do I start...its been busy.

                              Tatty Bumpkins with my daughter this morning (yoga inspired class for tots in case anyone was wondering.)

                              Shopping trip to Cambridge to return a purse I was given for my birthday. Got a better one though, hopefully nothing will fall off this one.

                              Returned to go to the supermarket, all this before picking my son up from school. Then after a trip down the park, I've returned home to an email asking if I can paint some other jungle animal designs, which I replied yes to. So I'm wacked but happy.

                              Got curry cooking then I've got a butterfly canvas to start painting ready for my shopping night in 3 weeks time.