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Monday Again......

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  • Monday Again......

    Put the kettle on, someone........

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    Ow Jules, don't I just know it. After the worst 2 day craft fair in my life where I didn't even make my flippin table, I am back to the day job today. Every bone in my body aches with standing in the freezing cold for 2 days solid with the hour drive there and back!!!!

    Never mind at least I have caffeinated coffee - going to make one right now.


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      Im already drinking a can of coke i went out last night and now thats all i can face this morning funny thing is i didnt even drink that much when i was out

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        Morning everyone, i've just finished my second coffee so i now feel awake. I'm looking forward to today as Mia is going to her nans @ 11.30 till 4.30 which is great as the other two will be in school so i get some much needed ME time.

        I have already planned my day:
        11.30 - 12.15 housework and ironing (not much to do hence the short time allocated)
        12.15 - 12.30 dinner/coffee break
        12.30 - 1.30 - need to make a couple of fishing themed cards that i'm donating to a good cause
        1.30 - 4.00 - make changes to my website and add as many of the stuff i've got that isn't already on there (been lazy with it recently so it's all building up)
        4.00 - 4.30 - relax before picking kids up

        I know it sounds very sad and organized but if i don't do a list like this i'll get side tracked and end up doing nothing.

        Hope you all have a good MONDAY
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          I gave up coffe years ago...I have no idea how I function.

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            Well it's chucking it down here, Anya is at nursery and Tara is having a snooze. Should be using this time wisely but I'm not!! Funnily enough I said to mr Swirl over the weekend that I need to spend less time on the forum and more time making stuff - it's not working is it???
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              Me to I should be using this time to gert on with crafting now the little one is at nursery but you lot are just what I need on a Monday morning I'm having to much fun here to go and do some work. Oh well there's always tomorrow ha ha.


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                Im waiting for my bosses to naff off out of the office so I can do my craft in piece.


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                  Emma - did your day go to plan?