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  • Sneezing......

    .......I sneeze a lot first thing in the morning. I've been up since 6.30 and spent the first half an hour sneezing. I can sneeze more than 40 times in a row.

    It never happens in the Winter, only when the pollen is about....but you'd think the pollen would make me sneeze constantly, not just mornings. Maybe it's a build up?

    My sister does the same thing, so it might be genetic....Does anyone else have this problem? It's so annoying.

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    Me Too !!!!

    I never suffered from hayfever until last year when i got it with avengence, i couldn't work it out Thought i kept getting a cold but eventually worked out it was hayfever !!
    I started taking the tablets but whatever ones i tried they just totally wiped me out and i was walking around like a zombie until i just eventually went to bed and slept!!
    It was even worse as in the summer we go to a lot of steam fairs air show etc to exhibit our vehicles and of course they are always near the fields!!!

    It is weird but i am also worse in the mornings, wake up sneezing, sore throat ears etc but then it does tend to get better as the day goes on??
    I wonder why that is??
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      I don't suffer from hayfever I think but something similar. I don't smoke (the one and only vice I don't have I think), but when I get up everymorning in the summer I cough for a good 15 - 20 minutes - not a real barky smokers cough just a sort of tickly cough. Wonder if that is something to do with hayfever too.

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        It's a Pain...

        ...I just sneeze, but this brings it's own problems. My nose starts to run after I've been sneezing, and sometimes my eyes water. Then I have to dash to the loo. It's just so bugging....

        The antihistamines don't help, even the non-drowsy ones make me sleepy.

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          Ive had a bit of hayfever only the last 2 years, not too bad luckily.
          When I went to London last week, it was a nice warm day and I sneezed a few times.
          I quite like sneezing.

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            I get hayfever and I have a nasal spray called Flixonase - it's brilliant. Just one spray up each nostril each morning and I hardly get any symptoms at all now. Also helps with sinus problems. I get mine on prescription but you can buy it over the counter I think.

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              ....always have the small window open. The weather hasd to be drastic for us to close it.

              On nice days, pillows and quilt get draped out of the windows 'a la europe' style...they've been dangled out the windows a lot lately. But I don't sneeze at night or during the night....

              It's odd...but then, so am I!

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