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  • Going Cold Threadkey....

    .....might be on here first thing tomorrow, but then not until late Thursday. OMG two days without my forum fix...oh noooooo.....

    We're offski to collect my mum from Northamptonshire, and on the way up we're calling in at Sudeley Castle, Stow on the Wold and Chipping Norton to check out the venues.

    Just to help things along, the brand new car has packef up, so it's back to the Vauxhall garage, and they are giving us a courtesy car....still, it'll be their mileage added to, and not ours!

    Can't decide what to wear to meet the events manager at Sudeley....I'm thinking smart/casual/light & way am I power dressing in this heat, and my bum's too big for snazzy suits....

    Going to take my sewing with me to do in the car, hopefully I won't get sticky hands..don't know if the courtesy car has a/c..

    I've now reached the 'Oh Sod It' stage of stock control.....if it's finished, I'll take it, if not sod it....

    I sure am going to miss my threadfix though....wonder if I can get on Dad's puter......?

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    Jules, I know, I was pretty much out of the game all weekend what with one thing and another (generally the other - too hung over to move!!). You feel that you miss out on all the chat and gossip. I'll let you know what happens when you get back.

    Wear whatever you feel comfortable in to Suedely - you will be more relaxed - nothing worse than wearing something you are not comfortable in and worrying about that instead of what you are supposed to be doing.

    Good luck and hope you give the garage what for over the car.


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      Himself's Job... the garage what for. I let him do stuff like that, clean the car, take the rubbish out, clean out the boiler....who needs long as I get my way, he can do as he likes..

      I don't even drive....I think I'm going to have to learn. It was on my 'Things to Do Before I'm 40....' list, but 40 got here first.

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        Missing you already!.....................


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          Peter.....methinks you fib!

          At least try and sound sincere......

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            Good luck looking at the venues..

            Cya soon..

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