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    Soooooo...........what have I been doing since last night......? I've had my head stuck in the computer cupboard trying to get the blo*dy thing to go online! I loaded software for a new camcorder yesterday, and somehow killed my livebox (orange modem), it kept telling me that everything was ok............ha! it wasn't! I finally gave up this afternoon and phoned the nice chappie in Bombay - no girls, I don't ask for directions either - and he was very helpful and didn't call me an idiot, and made it all better again. So I log into the forum, and nobody's been on! I could have saved the phone money.........hrumph........!

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    I know, it's been real quiet on here today. I went off for a couple of hours, logged on to read the days postings and there wasn't any (but a few).
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      I hate it when computers go wrong - I just shout for Matt!
      I've been shopping - thats why it was quiet Peter - this will probably bore you but..... I bought some lovely trousers for Tara's Christening next weekend (gotta look the part especially as I am a heathen!) and got some cardigans for the girls too so that they will look pretty! I'm currently wearing my shoes with my pajama's so that I can wear them in a bit and get used to the heel - I look good
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        Sorry Peter I was out all day at a Craft Fair then when I got home had a little gathering and got totally bladdered!!! Feeling very fragile this morning - please no shouting !!!


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