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Curse of the sandwich....

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  • Curse of the sandwich....

    ...also curse of the bathroom break.

    I swaer to goodness that the phone doesnt ring for ages ...then...when Im in the bathroom not only does the phone go but 2 phones go...then nothing for ages...I got really hungry so I went to get a soon as I get a mouthful of egg n bacon sandwich the phone goes!!!!
    So annoying, does this only happen to me!?

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    Nope it happens to me too but I suffer from the curse of the Post Office I only live 5 doors away from the Post Office but you can guarentee that whatever time I pop out to post my orders I'll return to an answerphone message - and 9 times out of 10 it hasn't rung at all the rest of the day!
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      It's Physics....'s like Murphy's Law or Sod's Law.....

      The Lunchtime/ Lootime/ Breaktime Law

      When I was doing the holiday cover last week, in a friend's shop, you wouldn't see a customer all day. But as soon as your hot lunch arrived from the Deli down the road, the shop would fill with people.

      Said people mooched about in silence, just waiting for you to put a red hot forkful of Cheesy Jacket Spud into your mouth, so they could then bombard you with inane questions. And they gave your dirty looks because you didn't answer immediately......

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        Ive noticed that a few people can be browsing in a shop but as soon as 1 person goes to the counter to pay, they all follow.
        I reckon, subconsciously they think 'ah good, theres no queue so I can go when I want' but then quickly get in the queue once it starts.

        I cant express how little work Ive oen today.
        Ive literally got in and looked on the/posted here.Id like to say the hours have flown by but not really but still a long time to have only taken about 2 calls!!

        Trying not to buy stuff till next month, and I have nothing to make.

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          Sods law. I keep trying to get up to get my lunch and somebody comes to my office door. How inconsiderate - you would think I worked here!!

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            I'm quite lucky as i work in an office. I won't take calls during the dinner period, i don't get paid for it so i don't feel i should, i work hard enough the rest of the day without losing the 3/4 hour i have for dinner. If it was my own business then my attitude would be different.
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              Same with children - as soon as you go to do something it's 'Mummy I need a wee' Mummy, Tara's playing with my stuff' etc etc etc It's normally as I've got to the loo too!
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                Originally posted by Seahorse View Post
                Id like to say the hours have flown by but not really.
                At the point of posting this I hadnt realised that the clock on the wall had stopped at 11.45am , my boss came in and informed me of this at 1.10pm.


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