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  • 30 grammes

    Has anyone ever weighed out a certain breakfast cereal aimed at dieters? The suggested 30g hardly covers the bottom of the bowl! no wonder you can drop a jeans size having 30g for breakfast and another 30g for dinner, you'd be starving yourself! Trouble is I feel so bad and hungry that I'm more likley to grab something else to eat. Im sure I've been eating tripple the recommended portion, no wonder Im not losing weight!

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    I Have....

    .....and have you noticed also, that in the ads, they seem to be shovelling up half a box, drowning in what looks like full cream milk, not semi-skimmed?

    And sometimes, the box probably tastes better and has fewer calories....!

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      Totally agree, things like that are silly.
      I ate a cereal for brekky and lunch for a while, not to diet just I hadnt organised proper lunches, and I was sooo hungry most of the time which in my opinion is worse for yuo and makes your brain turn to pulp.

      Personnaly I think you should eat small meals about 6 times a day.Annoyingly Im still programmed to the 3 meals a day theory which doesnt help as I am still hungry between meals and i eat in the evening after din dins.

      Anyhoo, in conclusion, forget these faddy food plans like the cereal thingy.
      If you want to lose weight eat fruit, veg, pulses, grains and a bit of meat in smaller meals but regularly througout the day to keep your energy levels up, and exercise.

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