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Don't you just hate it when....

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  • Don't you just hate it when....

    you find pesky paws everywhere!!? These fresh foes are of a wonderful car grease variety... specially selected for the arm of the sofa. delightful. can't you just see the 'bothered?' look in his eyes???

    Think i am going to be making sofa covers sooner than i thought.....although i still can't help but giggle at him!!
    eat, sleep, breathe, STITCH!


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    Oh dear!!! I had something similar last week when Tara escaped as she was having her nappy changed and got bright yellow bum cream all over the rug - in nice little bum shapes! Oh how I laughed......
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      Oh Dear!!

      We've got 4 cat's and I can totally identify with your sofa situation!
      Lucinda x


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        I had an incident with baby poo last week, she even fed some to her father - long story!
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          He's Lovely....

          .....what a handsome chap! You couldn't be mad at him for too long, he's so gorgeous!

          I need to get new photos of the tinies...Tiny Tearaways now. They are into everything, even climbing my newly made aprons! Thankfully, cotton duck is rufty-tufty and no damage was done. No cat is safe in this house, even a slight twitch of the tail will get you leapt on by a fluffy terrorist....our grown up cats are being very stoical faced with such upstarts.

          Last week, one of our numpties decided to sleep in the coal bag. She's tabby & white, and now all her white bits aren't. A week later and she's still grubby.

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            haha, when we got our grey and white kitten, he climbed up the chimney.
            That's how he got christened.
            We called him Grubby..


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              Oh I love cats, my Scarlett ran away and was never seen again about 4 years ago and I miss her every day. I have been toying with getting another one now I am at home all day but last week I went round to my friends for dinner and she has two beautiful cats. My asthma kicked off terrible and I had terrible red eyes for two days afterwards just from spending 3 hours with them. I struggled when I had Scarlett and I had I have to shelve that idea and just coo them from a far.
              (Don't miss the live mouse pressies at three in the morning on my bed though!)
              Anice xx
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                Haha yeah the pressies are definately something i am not a fan of, could never live in the country Vegas is a pro - full time hunter and cowboy. he swaggers with the best of them! Nero (pictured) is more of a homeboy - far too pretty to get involved in messy business - although he made an exception on sofa ruining day it would seem
                eat, sleep, breathe, STITCH!



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                  My darling monster has brought all sorts in the catflap.

                  The list includes, a Pigeon from the guy over the back who kept homing pigeons, (oddly enough he dosn't anymore) That was still alive and sitting on top of my pots and pans...

                  A Seagull (yes you did read that right) feathers everywhere!!!!!

                  Oh and i did wake up one morning to see a baby rabbit looking up at me from the bedroom floor, that wasn't so cute.


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                    We Had A Mouse...

                    .....just last night.

                    Usually they are in pieces. The cats bring them in to dismember/eat/smear all over the carpet* (*delete as appropriate) but this tiny chap was still alive.

                    I noticed several times yesterday, that various grown up cats kept crouching down, then peering under the armchair. Not being human yesterday, I ignored it. Come last night, watching tv, I noticed they were still doing it. I think they do shifts.

                    Himself reckoned a caught mouse had crawled under and then died. I went for some kitchen paper whilst he moved the chair. Slid the chair over...nothing....sliding the chair back to where it goes, and there's the wee mouse hurrying to keep up with his temporary shelter!

                    Shout upstairs for the daughter to help. She's good at this sort of thing, and unlike me, never gets bitten. We nearly had the mousie caught and on his way to freedom, when Cleo came out of nowhere and grabbed it. The little moo broke his neck! My god, she was fast though! Grabbed him from Philippa's hands whilst we were admiring him!

                    She was well miffed when we took him off her and popped him in the bin!

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