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  • Horrible Excitement...

    very surreal.

    The conversation between my youngest son, who's just 10, and myself when I got in from shop-sitting yesterday went...

    Sam: Hi Mum! How was your day?
    Me: Very boring Sam, what did you do to day?
    Sam: Nothing much....(pause while he's thinking...) Oh!, me & Dan found a dead teenager in our den....

    Me: .....utter silence.

    Yup, they did indeed find the body of our neighbours' oldest boy in their den. This lad was always trouble, unstable homelife, hated his stepdad, in trouble with the law. But the poor sod obviously decided that enough was enough. He was 19. How crap is that? And his family, although family life wasn't good, are devastated. All the village kids have been to the den to put flowers out for him. I expect it'll be on the news.

    My son, and his friend Dan, seem to be untroubled by it. I don't think they have really understood what's happened, and the implications of Wayne's death are beyond them at their age. Funny that Sam never mentioned it to Himself all afternoon.

    They both acted very sensibly, and went straight to Dan's house which is nearest. Told Dan's mum, and she checked the den, then fetched the police and ambulance.

    Sam is back to school tomorrow, and I'll tell them what's happened. We're keeping a close eye on both lads, in case of any delayed reactions. Probably best to carry on as normal, although my daughter and her friends are very upset. They've known Wayne for years.

    We've chatted to the police who are satisfied that it's suicide, but I think there has to be an inquest.

    Weird day.....I hope never to repeat it. I didn't like this lad at all, but I find myself badly shocked by his death.

    And just to add to it, the guy doing our market stalls for Taunton has had a very serious heart attack. He's going to be ok, eventually, but is off work for many months now. I'm looking into replacement stalls.

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    Jules, how awful - for the poor boy, his family, and your own son and his friend - my heart goes out to you all. It is so frighteningly easy to fall off the path and into the mire -and it seems there is very little real help for you or your nearest when it happens, no matter how hard you yell for help. Believe me, I know. I hope your boy and his friend remain untroubled.


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      That's awful. His poor family - no matter how much of a rogue he was he was their son and it is going to hurt.

      Hope Sam and his friend are okay. Just keep any eye on them for any delayed reaction.
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        Thats awful, my heart goes out to the family.

        I hope your son and friend are ok after the shocking find. As the others said, just keep an eye on them.
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          School today...

          .....everything is going on as normal for Sam. So school in half an hour.

          As I understand it, young Dan saw more then Sam. Dan is quite fearless, and went up close to poor Wayne's body. I worry about Sam as he has a very vivid imagination.

          I'm going to see Dan's mum this evening. She too must be in a state of shock as she went right into the den to check for signs of life before calling the emergency services. Apparently, it was not a pretty sight. I know if it were me, that image would stay with me.

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            Gosh, all sounds terrible. Such a terrible loss for the boys family. Also so sad that a young man would feel so low as to take his own life. It is all a real shame.

            I hope your son and his friend are ok. Kids are very resiliant. I am sure that within loving families they will be fine. I am sure you are doing the right thing, carrying on as normal.

            Take care.
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              What a crap day!
              Suicide is a terrible thing, it just leaves a load of unanswered questions and guilt from everyone who knew him.
              It just makes you think, if you thought you were feeling a bit miserable today, it really is nothing compared to what some people are going through, i mean how low must you be to actually take your own life?
              Sometimes it's a cry for help, but in this case it seems like he would know that no one would find him till it was too late.
              Then again to do it where the younger boys would find him is a bit harsh. Guess he never thought about the consequences.
              Hope you all have a better day today!!


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                How awful, must have been terrible for his family, and for you to know your 10 year old discovered him. It is terrble that someone so young feels that there is no option but to take your own life.
                It makes you appreciate your kids more when something like this happens.

                On Sunday my 14 years old son was on the way to the swimming baths with his friend on their bike and were crossing the road at traffic lights, the green man was on but a car sped up to jump the lights and ploughed straight into them just missing my son. But his friend wasnt so lucky and he hit the windscreen with his head.Then the man preceded to get out of the car and start shouting and the boy for nearly killing his family, witnesses who had stopped had to stop the man from attacking him.

                Luckily (if you can call it that) he has only superficial damage to the back of his head, and he broke his knee and scraped a lot of skin off on his arms and back.Apparantly his bike took the brunt of the impact, if he had been walking he would have been dead.
                He is ok but will be laid up for about 6 weeks. We have been told to watch for shock in our son as it can be delayed , He saw the whole thing,and it could have been him as well, but he seems ok.

                They will be being prosecuted, there is some debate over who was driving the car,it seems maybe the driver didnt have a licence and one of the other passengers is trying to say he was driving!!!

                It makes you realise how short life is!!

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                  Traumatic times for everyone. I hope that everyone concerned is able to deal with things in due course and that life gets back on an even keel.

                  Any loss of life is a very sad thing, but in one so young it is particularly sad that they feel they have nothing in the world worth living for.

                  As for the driver of the car..................!!!!!!!! What I think about that cannot be published.

                  Sympathies and best wishes to all who need them.


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                    Originally posted by craftdancer View Post
                    As for the driver of the car..................!!!!!!!! What I think about that cannot be published.
                    Couldn't agree more! The young lady was incredibly lucky, but even still, being laid up for so long is going to affect him, and his family in more ways than one. Some people are just unbelievable. I hope the law throws the book at the driver.....sheesh.

                    Heather, hope your boy is ok and doesn't suffer shock. What a damned scary thing to happen. I always think that any incidents like these take away some of your children's innocence, some of their precious childhood. That driver, I can't get over his ignorance....

                    Sam seems to be okay today. He said school was fine, but he's very quiet just him sat with my middle son watching tv. I popped in to see Dan & his mum. Dan seems his usual exuberant self, but his mum is pale and strained looking. She says she's thought about the boy non stop since seeing him there on Tuesday. Can't blame her for that..I'd be the same, and of course, she's trying to appear normal for Dan's sake. Her Mum's come over to stay for a while, as Tracey's a single parent, and she's got my phone number and strict instructions to use it whenever she needs to!

                    I have to say that Wayne must have been just totally overcome to kill himself, but I do think it must have taken immense bravery to go through with it...I couldn't do it. He choice of place was unfortunate, maybe he chose it for the peace. It's woody, and quiet, very private. Seems like a good place to spend your last moments. And suicides don't seem to think about consequences, just the longed for escape.

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                      I have been reading all of this what a tragic waste of life what was going on in his head no one will know.I wish you and your son well take carexxxx