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feeling very emotional today

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  • feeling very emotional today

    would you think I was stupid if I say its because my daughter is 18 next week
    I've been ok up until now but its suddenly sinking in she's not my baby any more !
    I've spent all day making her a scrapbook and looking at all the old photos and they've brought back so many happy memories
    I'm asking all the family and special friends of the family to write a small message to put in the book and family members have been telling me what they're going to buy her and reading their messages its just brought it home that she's so loved and so special and that she's got such lovely family and friends
    my son was 18 three years ago and it didn't hit me like this, I think maybe its because I have a different relationship with my daughter don't get me wrong I love my son to bits but its different isn't it and when he was 18 I still had my 'little' girl but now she's not so little shes a wonderful young lady
    I think there will be tears when the book is opened and it could well be me lol

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    Hi, I know the feeling well,just wait till she gets married then the tears realy flow.Then when she makes you a NANNY well it's mind blowing.
    So lots of good things to come,LOL.


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      Oh Bless you!

      First things first- she will ALWAYS be your baby! I know I would be lost without my Mum! Im 37yrs old (there admitted it!) and I call my Mum everynight for a natter and see her every weekend. Its nice because as I have got older; we feel closer even though we dont share the same space anymore.

      You havent lost your baby your just both evolving and I hope you can both share a relationship like I have with my Mum.

      Enjoy her special day with her!!!

      The book sounds fantastic something she will be able to treasure and look back on and probably show her kids when they are getting to their 18th B'days.


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        you think this is bad wait until she gets to 21...... that was the shocker for me my baby, 2 boys, is now 21. OMGA........
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          I'm very proud of myself in that I did a whole scrapbook today while she was at work , just got to get the last messages and stick them in and thats it all ready for the big day
          christmas is on hold for a week until the party is out the way lol no peace for the wicked


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            Hey dont be so hard on yourself! It is ok to feel emotional, you wouldnt be human if you didnt! Your daughter will always be your baby, I am 27 and am still really, really close to my mum and that will never change. My mum is 40++ and still speaks to her mother every night, so dont think anything is going to change just ecaue she has hit the big 1 8 !!!

            You need to find things just for yourself too though - otherwise you may find in the future as your brood fly the nest you are left with an empty space. You are a creative person - how about looking at whether there are any craft courses locally you would like to try?

            You also sound like you need a special treat - I bet you have been the one doing all the running around sorting things out so she has a great birthday! Book yourself in for a facial or a massage and enjoy a bit of pampering (if money is a problem I bet you have a local college where the massage students offer treatments really cheaply!)

            But above all be gentle on yourself and accept that you are going to feel upset, and that it is ok to feel like that.

            X x


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              You must be so proud that you have raised a beautiful intelligent young woman who is well-loved by so many family and friends.

              It's ok to shed a tear that's what Mums do
              I started off with nothing and I've still got most if left.



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                She will always be your daughter.

                I think back to when mine were 18 and I dont really remember thinking any of these thoughts. Although I must admit my eldest is now 30 and my middle one is going to present me with a granchild in the new year I stop occasionally and think that I must be getting old or I wish my parents could see them now but then I brush the thoughts away. I dont dwell on things I cant change.

                Life is good. Relationships with children change and grow over the years. Accept the parts of their life that they share with you and fill the holes they leave with all the things you have always wanted to do (this is when people start thinking you are going through a mid-life crisis when in fact you now have the time to fulfill some of your dreams)

                Look forward to good times ahead.




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                  My friend's daughter turned 18 a few years ago and left home to go to university and it hit her really badly. She got quite tearful etc for a few months. She is now very proud of her daughter who is now a successful artist. They both go on holidays together and her daughter still comes home a few times a year.


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                    I understand how you're feeling.

                    My second-youngest daughter is 21 on Christmas Day !! She's a law student in London and works almost full time in Sainsburys. She's getting the bus home on Xmas Eve, and going back on Boxing Day. Wish I could spend more time with her. I miss her loads.

                    My youngest is 16, and growing up very fast.

                    Like you, it didn't bother me with the older ones. My son is 29 this year (now that does make me feel old) and my other daughter is 26.

                    People are right when they say you have a lot to look forward to. It's a time of adjustment.
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                      How Lovely, A srapbook for her 18th and personal messages is a really nice touch, what a great keepsake. She will be delighted Im sure. What a great mum you are.

                      My youngest (son) was 18 this year and it made me a bit emotional too, unlike my 2 elder daughters. I think its because he was the last one, my baby. I think its natural to be emotional about your children growing up.

                      I was the baby of my family up unitl my parents died in my early 30's. I used to groan about being caled their baby, and now I would give anything to hear them teasing me again. I think its not that you love your youngest child any more than the others, but it highlights that all your children are grown up and may not need us much longer as they go offf and find thier place in the world.

                      My daughter went to uni at 19 and I was amazed how tearful I was that my little girl was going off into the big bad world. I was far more upset than she was! She was fine about it until I started crying.
                      I thought she would be gone forever, it was very emotional
                      She is nearly 23 now and after various events in her life shes back home, driving us nuts lol
                      I feel very blessed that my children are all living at home...although some peace and quiet occasionaly would be nice!