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Thusrday already!

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  • Thusrday already!

    How the weeks fly now the weathers getting better, i can't believe it's Thursday already.

    Lots of boring stuff to do today:

    Go to the builders yard as we were 2 blocks short in the weekend and we need another 40 bags to bag up more unwanted soil.

    Still haven't done the VAT returns from work or my own so they'll have to be done today as it's the last day my little girl is in nursery while i'm on hols.

    I did want to try and do something with the Mr Site i bought a while ago. I'm thinking of using this site as a gallery and resource centre for card making rather than just selling cards. I may be asking all you experts soon for any tips and advice that i could put on there, but beware your name would also go on it - well it would be your tip/idea afterall.

    What are you all up to today?

    Hope you all have a lovely day whatever your doing.
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    A fun day ahead....

    Good morning!
    I can't believe it's Thursday either.. must be because my OH was off work on Monday, makes the week days all wrong!
    I have a busy day ahead, I have orders to process first thing and then an appointment with my business advisor then, the dreaded trip to the bank to bank cheques in my business account. I hate trying to park around there it's a nightmare! Then this afternoon I have to get on with designing..I am suffering with creative block at the moment, I created about 20 papers last week and looked at them yesterday and they were rotten so I deleted them all! So, back to the starting block
    Wish me luck!!
    Anice xx
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      Work, work and more work today. Then when I get home some candle orders to make then off to my father in laws because it's his 80th birthday today (and no I am not that old, my mother in law gave birth to my husband when she was 45!!!).

      Then fall into bed to start all again on FRIDAY YYEEEEEEAAAAAAAA!!!!


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        I love these 3 day weeks. I think we should have more of them!!! Today I'm at work. I'll put some conical flasks and beakers into the wash in a moment... and then I think I'll sort through some pens to see if there are any leaky ones we can get rid of (we get a growing number of pens that students leave behind).

        So nothing too exciting. This evening will probably involve ironing, which is a shame as I'd like to get on with my map... (must post another progress image....)
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          My days plans have been cancelled already, i don't bloody believe it!!!!!!!

          My 6 yr old girl had chicken pox before the easter hols, and i thought oh well if the others get it at least it will be in the holidays (which i had to take as unpaid - 2 1/2 weeks). They didn't get the chicken pox.

          UNTILL NOW............ARRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

          Just bathed the baby and the spots started to appear on her back right before my eyes. Thats 7 DAYS she's going to have to be off nursery and i'm suppose to return to work on Tuesday. I'm dreading telling my boss as he has no kids himself and doesn't like the fact i have to have time off in the school hols as there's no clubs for the older two to go to.

          This is why i want to be my own boss!!!!!!!! IF ONLY!!!!
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            It's all about ice cream

            This morning....
            Got a photographer coming to the shop to take some photos for an article that will be in the local paper.
            Need to decorate the trays of ice cream that i made yesterday
            Need to ring the farmer to see if we can get some milk tomorrow. Also as the owner of the shop is away i need to chat the farmer up to get him to lift the milk urns for me to get the milk in the pasturiser as they are toooo heavy for little me!!
            Need to bank yesterdays takings
            When i've done all that the day is mine!! Yipeeeeeeeeee
            Oh what will i do with myself????
            Going to look on the internet see if i can find a digital camera so i can get on with my website....


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              Im looking at the calander seeing when our next bank holiday is.


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                Im planning to have a lazy day to myself....bliss. Mother-in law is still waiting for me to wallpaper her dining room, I'll do it tomorrow. She's got three sons and a daughter yet she always asks me to do things. I think she forgets that I work full time too (although I'm on holiday this week.)
                Sorry to here about the chicken pox Em, forgot to tell you it can take two weeks for them to come out. Fun times


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                  morning busy day not working tis week but have to go to my mothers then shopping.Unknown to me my son wrote to fern britton this morning presenter i really like her i think shes natrual and fluffey,well i got a lage letter come through the post this morning with a lovely photo and note from fern hand written shes up on my wall with paul o gradyxxx


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                    'orrible day....

                    .....really horrible.

                    I have a chest infection, complete with wracking cough & sore throat. Anyone want it? Just the one careful owner.....

                    On top of that, I'm doing holiday cover in a friend's fancy dress shop. The place is totally disorganised....the other girl that helps out & I have spent the day grovelling and apologising to customers who've ordered stuff that my friend hasn't actually ordered for them from the wholesalers....but they were all told it would be here today (I'm livid.....the friend is dead meat)

                    Then we had some kids in, and I just wanted to kill the little sods....I've got four kids, and if any of them ever spoke to anybody the way these kids spoke to Sue & me today, I'd do away with them. One of them, the worst one, tried to tell me he was 18. In all seriousness he looked 8, and that's being generous.....silly child.

                    We threw them out in the end. If they come back tomorrow, I'm going to deny all my principals and speak to them in the same way they spoke to us....I think they might understand that! And then I'm going to throw them out on their ears.

                    And it's Thursday, and I'm working tomorrow & Saturday too....Oh joy!

                    Still, nice to be home and back to the quiet peace of the forum!

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