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Easter Sunday

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  • Easter Sunday

    Morning everyone, Happy easter. Hope you all had an easter egg or two. I didn't but i'm not complaining as my bf went halves with me on an air conditioning unit yesterday for my easter present. The conservatory has been so hot the last couple of days it makes you feel sick just sitting in it.

    Being organised (well sometimes) i knew he wouldn't buy me an egg so i've got a hidden stash of two 500g galaxy bars, well theres one now as i munched my way threw one of them yesterday........hehe.

    Hope you all have a lovely day, and let us know if your loved one bought you an egg and if he did what kind? so we can all sit here druling as we're reading.
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    I Got An Egg..

    ......because I bought it myself!

    I bought Himself a Lindt egg, and as it was buy one get one half price, I bought me one too!

    What with all the kids' eggs & choccy bunnies, our house looks like a chocolate factory......daughter is going to lunch with her b/f so she'll come back with even more!

    Have a great Easter everyone!

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      no easter egg here, but then i did'nt want one if i had one i would only want to eat it lol and i'm trying to shrink not grow

      all on my own too, everyone has gone off in different directions today leaving me on my lonesome, fine by me i am sorting stitching projects, 2 RR's to sort and 2 exchanges so that will keep me busy and away from chocolate!

      have a great day everyone
      Lorna x

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        No eggs for me. My Mum always gets me a Buttons one but even she forgot this year. Might get a half price one next week - how sad!

        I'm working in my husband's shop today but at least I've got the day off from the kids so I'm not complaining.

        Happy Easter y'all xxx
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