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  • aww, orang-utans

    I just received this message from an old primary school friend of mine. Have you been watching the orang-utans on the tv? How can you not want to help them? Don't feel pressurised into donating anything but I thought I'd pass this on in case anyone wanted to help out.


    Hi Everyone

    As you all know we're off on our travels soon (19 days to go!!!) and before we go I'm asking you one last favour!! Please, please sponsor us to Climb Mount Kilabalu in Borneo, the highest mountain in South East Asia. All the money we raise will go to the Orangutan Foundation who are helping to save this endangered animal. If you've been watching Orangutan diaries on BBC1 every night this week, you'll know exactly what I mean, if not watch it tonight at 7pm! They are so adorable!

    For more about our travels and the big climb check out our travel blog at

    Or to go to our fundraising pages direct go to

    Thank you, looking forward to lots of goodbye drinks before we go!!
    Loads of love
    Gemma x x x x x
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