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  • So very sad

    I am in pieces as our beloved old dog has been put to sleep to save him suffering. The house just seems empty and we miss him so much. The awful thing as well is - when I set up our website I put him on the home page and now I've got to remove him and I can't face the thought of doing it. I should have realised that one day I'd have to, but never thought of it at the time.

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    Aww it is horribly sad to lose a pet. I thought we were going to lose our Rabbit a little while ago and made a fool of myself crying in front of the vet...though he is a house rabbit and part of the furniture.

    I don't understand why you need to remove him from your home page as it would be a fitting memorial to him. Unless you would find it too difficult to look at?

    I have lost much loved pets before and as with all grief, time is a great healer as corny as it sounds it is true!

    Remember the good times!!



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      I am soooo sorry for your loss, I completely understand how you feel. My thoughts are with you.

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        I'm so sorry. I know you are so very sad. It leaves a real empty spot inside your heart. Our beloved Miss Cookie Woofters died last June at age 16 and we still cry every now and then. Time helps.


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          I understand how sad you must be feeling. My German Pointewr is now 10 and I know that I probably only have a couple more years of his company and that thought makes me cry even now. Do leave him on your website, once the initial sadness has gone it will make you smile to see him there when you look at your site.


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            Hi Kate

            Your news is very sad and I know how hard it is to lose a family pet - they are such an important part of our lives. You must keep his pic on your website though.
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              Kate my thoughts are with you, we thought we may lose Barney last year but he is still with us but at 14.5 years know the time is borrowed. The pain will fade but you will always have your memories and that he had a good life and home with you, still remember our first dog Pancho, lost him in 94. Hugs x


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                Sorry to hear your news. At least he won't be suffering anymore.

                We have a 16 year old Westie and we know that every day is precious, we nearly lost him last Christmas but he bounced back. He gets a bit grouchy and sleeps a lot but he still makes us laugh.
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                  Oh oh PLEASE leave him on your website.
                  We lost our Westie Angus 10 months ago,and I
                  love to see his photo when i am looking for something else,he just pops



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                      We lost our lovely cat, Barney, just a few days before last Christmas. All very sudden - he hadn't been unwell. Not long before that I took what to us was the best piccie ever taken of him and that has pride of place on my computer desktop (best place as I am permanently attached to my computer).

                      We miss him very much - he was such a big, cuddly lad.

                      Earlier this year we adopted two one-year old kittens - a boy called Jazz and a girl called Daisy (she was originally Delia, but she just isn't a Delia). Not related - one from the RSPCA and the other from the CPL. Both had been strays, but have settled in really well and we love them. They are lovely, but Barney is always in our thoughts.
                      One craft project, like one cookie, is never enough!

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                        I'mso sorry. We had to make the same decision for our beloved hound on the 20th of last month, he was 13 and it was the hardest decision by far of my life. We miss him so much and for the first week at least I felt like life wasn't really worth living without my family being complete. It is still very hard without him but it does get a little easier every day and I do like to think he is still wandering round the house and lying on the sofa - in spirit of course. I take comfort in the fact that he wasn't going to get better and is better off where he is now. Things will be easier over time.

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                          My heart goes out to you. My girl Bracken was put to sleep to stop her from struggling on when she didn't have to. I have pictures all over the place & at the moment they (the 3 girls) are my screen saver & it does bring a tear to my eye but they are never forgotten anyway. Please keep the picture and if makes your eyes water don't worry about it & remember the good times, don't dwell on the end. My thoughts are with you. There are lots of us here having gone through the same thing & we know just how you feel. If it helps have a good cry whenever you feel the need. xxx
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                            So sorry to hear your news. Animals become such a big part of the faimly don't they - it is horrible to have to say goodbye.

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                              Thinking of you, please leave him on your web site. We had our 17 yr old cat put to sleep last month, we miss her like crazy but have her picture as our screen saver on the computer, she is always close by, Selina xx