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  • What a Day!!

    I've gone from being as down as it's possible to be, to being on a major high today.

    This morning I spent my time writing the Exeter info pack, and cursing my computer until the air was blue. Ditto Mr Site, who was being no gentleman when I tried to update the ATCF site...but I think he must have read Mr Media's 9 Words, as he buckled down and got on with what I'd asked him to do. Phew....

    I spent an hour yelling at a complete prat who drove me insane. I do not want a mobile phone contract with whatever company you are representing....."Hello Mrs Leech, for the purposes of this call my name is Tony Smith" (I'm sure it is Honey)... Go. Away.

    Then I get replies to my emails. A follow-up email to Sudeley Castle last week and the reply to the info request from Bradford on Avon weeks ago. Two new venues in one afternoon. Bliss. Manic bliss, but never the less, still bliss....

    I am on a natural high......

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    well done

    Hard work always pays of in the end well done Jules.


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      Sounds like you've had a busy and productive day. Having the bad always makes the good so much sweeter.

      I myself have got nothing done today at all, but tomorrows another day!
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        Well my day was a whole lot better than the disaster craft fair yesterday. The photographer came out from the local paper and took my picture. I have an order for a wedding and I have been having one hell of a job getting the right shade of green but me finks I have finally cracked it (after numerous attempts!!!) Green is a sod to get right when you mix colours!!
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