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pc help needed - router not working :(

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  • pc help needed - router not working :(

    Help..anyone techy here? My router has stopped working..the little tick sign is off but all my other lights are on.

    It did this once before and got someone to fix it [cost me £75 - 15mins work!] I think I remember he went into internet explorer and changed some settings ...? any ideas anyone?

    I remembered my phone has a modem so im connecting through that, but I also remember the bill from last time too I will log on again later to see if anyone has come to my rescue.

    Thanks in advance

    Sunny day so today will be a good day for us all

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    Very often when I get trouble with mine I just unplug it for two minutes, switch back on then right click pc icon and click on repair. Works for me. good luck.


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      May not help at all but if you have a router I'm assumoing you have a wireless network? Our router has a little button - you need a pin or something small - that when you press it, it restarts the router. Hubby also goes to the routers homepage to look at things there sometimes - I don't know if you know what yours is though?? Hubby is the technical one and he's in India so I would have asked him but he's sleeping!!
      Hopefully you will have got it sorted by now and I hope I haven't confused you even more!!
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