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  • Spider stress

    Okay, at the risk of sounding really daft. On Friday night, I was just getting into bed and as I lifted the quilt to get my legs in bed, a spider dropped from the upper of the quilt (upper underside - not outside) onto my leg and started to run up my leg. I jumped out of bed quick and shook it off me (scooped it up in a tissue and squashed it - sorry for any offense caused to spider lovers). I am terrified of spiders, I hate them and they seem to know it and all want to live in my house. (Mainly upstairs though - I sleep downstairs).
    I shook off my quilt and took it to the couch and slept there instead - obviously I was feeling very cross with my bed for the betrayal.
    Then, in the early hours of this morning, (still using the couch as a bed as I was worrying about the spider that found its way into my bed) I was woken up by the noise the boiler makes when the pilot light has gone out. It was around 5 and the heating should hve been coming on then ready for us ll getting up at 6.30. I went to light it, its in the back room - the back room is an extension and has french windows into it as if it was still leading to outside. After eventually lighting the boiler, I returned to the couch. As I got back under the quilt and lay down, I realised I had left the light on in the back room - the light was pouring through the french windows at me.
    I decided not to bother getting up to switch it off gin as it was only an hour till I had to get up. As I lay there, something caught my eye, I looked to see what it was just in time to see a spider run up the top of the quilt and over my shoulder onto I presume the pillow or into my hair - no idea. I jumped up - obviously. Didn't see where it went though. I was really distressed and didn't want to get back on the couch again, so I styed up instead.
    Now - I am afraid to sleep in either place. I don't want to go to sleep tonight as I afraid of it happening again. I feel stupid, but I also feel really upset by this and tired and frightend.
    I probably sound absolutely ridiculous, but I don't know what to do. I can't believe I'm too afraid to go to bed.
    Even more silly is - I don't know what I expect you all to do about it lol

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    You are not alone in this. I have a big burly son in his mid 30's who would not go into the bathroom before someone has checked the bath for spiders. Strip the bed, shake everything out and inside out, hoover the floor and dust windowledges and cupboards, take feather duster round top of walls, that should about do it, then you can go to bed with ease.
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      Yes, I had thought of all that, and if I did do tht, I wouldn't have to worry about going to bed because it would be time to get up before I had even finished lol. It won't stop them coming out the skirting boards and all of their other hidey holes though will it? I'm even wondering if they life in my couch


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        Aww you poor thing. Sounds very traumatic for you.

        Maybe you should look into some form of therapy to face your phobia. I am terrified of balloons to the point where I wouldn't be in the same room as one.

        When I was studying for my nursing degree I realised that I needed to face my fear as lots of patients would have balloon tied to their bed wishing them well.

        I went to see a hypnotherapist (this didn't work for me), so then I went to see a spe******t in phobias and we tackled my fear by slowly introducing me to balloons. I still don't like the bloody things but I am not terrified about being in the same room as them now.


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          Well done you!! You should be proud or yourself - it takes a lot to face your worst fear. I have done a lot of that myself in the past year.
          Oddly enough I manage to desentise myself from my far of other insects with long legs - to a point. I used to help people with problem feeding reptiles so had to manage to feed them all manner of bugs and worms and often had to handle locusts. I never manged the winged locusts because they are very big and just awful, but I often had to catch the 1 to 1.5 inch ones that escaped from the vivariums. I can spend a short time in a room with large moth now - long enough to wop it with a towel, also daddy long leg's get a decent hiding rather than me running away and getting someone else to get them for me. I can be in a room with a large spider long enough to figure out how to 'get it'. Not really sure how much further I want to take that though, I really wouldn't take kindly to being introduced to one, or having to touch one or whatever - the thought of having to do that I suppose, mkes me quite comfortable with having the phobia.
          I have no idea where to look to find this sort of help - but I suppose it might be worth looking into, I could always skip the last appointment where I was going to have to ...... you know..... touch one.

          Anyway, thank you for that, and again, well done to you.


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            I don't like them either, but over the years I've got braver and can now pick a small one up - it has to be VERY small, bordering on miniscule! I have one now in my craft room guarding it's spiderling nest and I haven't got the heart to chuck her out, so I must ne going soft in my old age? The best thing I ever bought was a spider catcher from one of those magazines that get pushed through the letterbox - BARGAIN!
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              poor you

              my OH has the same fear of moths, i'm often found leaping around the bedroom at 3am ( no dirty minds now,lol) in the summer months after a tiny tiny moth , mr boo has normally run off the the bathroom while all this is going on...good job i love him,lol

              conkers in the corners of your room are ment to keep spiders away,worked for us so far this year
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                First of all you are not daft or stupid!!!!

                Most of us have an irrational/illogical fear of something.
                ( I won't tell you what mine is)

                Personally I like spiders, they eat/trap all those bugs that can really do us some harm.

                Once an irrational fear starts to get in the way of your day to day life, it is then time to look for some help.

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                  Aww hun, i really feel for you, i have exactly the same fear - from the tiniest spiders to the big hairy beasts!

                  Your bed is your haven, so for a spider to get there once is bad enough, but to climb up your quilt again must have been terrifying!

                  For my daughters sake, she is only 2, i have to try and give a sense of calm, i dont want to make her afraid too, but inside i am like jelly - absolutely hate them! And dont you hate the phrase . . . 'its only a spider . . .' grrr. that really gets my goat! It may be an irrational fear, but its still a fear nontheless and when people are dismissive it kinda hurts a bit.

                  I know that my partner has to keep his feet firmly on the bottom when we go to the pool, he is petrified of falling over in the water, so i respect that. why cant he then offer me the same respect when it comes to spiders!

                  betterware or kleeneze do a spider spray, i havent used it yet, but knowing it is there under the sink is nice!

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                    they bite!

                    You poor thing! I can totally sympathise, I don't like spiders at all, well the small or skinny ones I can handle but not the big, hairy, black ones with the fangs (giant house spiders?) I have now been biten by them twice!

                    Once one was in a hand towel and it bit me on my hand when i tried to dry my hands on the towel and the other time (which was totally traumatic) a giant black hairy spider was in the long sleeve of my top which I put on - obviously i had no idea until i noticed a lump on my arm, ripped the top off and this huge spider ran across the floor. It bit my arm and i had a swollen and very itchy bump on my arm for about 2 weeks. Thinking rationally they probably only bit me because they were terrrified, but I have noticed those big spiders seem to run at me rather than away from me...

                    If I were you I would have a massive spring (winter) clean, vacume lots and in all the corners and places they might be hiding.

                    Good luck!!! and hope you get a better (and uninterrupted) sleep tonight!


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                      According to the Royal Society of Chemistry there is a possibility that conkers get rid of spiders. They are doing some research into it and were looking for video evidence from members of the public.


                      I don't know if it does work as I haven't tried it as spiders don't really bother me - except that they make all these webs I have to clean up, oh and there was a rather dodgy looking red and black spider on my ketchup bottle the other day. Not seen one that colour before.

                      I hate to tell you that this year is supposed to be having an explosion in spider numbers as they had excellent breeding and survival conditions over the summer. At least they do get rid of flies and other annoying insects..... though that's probably not much consolation for you.
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                        I heard something about that on the radio too (about conkers) and they said something about offering a reward to anyone who could prove it....

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                          Without sounding silly, are you sure you actually got the first spider? Maybe you thought you scooped it up in the tissue but it got away without you seeing it and the other spider was actually the SAME spider which was still on your quilt?
                          I can sympathise because I dislike them too but I can usually get close enough to catch them in a glass and chuck them outside, I don't like killing anything.
                          When I was a student, my campus was set into the countryside and my room was on a ground floor and the window did not close completely, so I used to get enormous spiders frequently in my room which was horrendous - one I will never forget was the time I tried to catch one in a pint glass by putting the upside down glass over would not fit over the spiders legs, that's how big it was!
                          I'm just thankful I live here where they are relatively small, when I lived in the States there were some horrific ones, and venomous too, so we are (pretty) lucky here!