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    Evening is anyone out there. I know it's getting late well it is for me. Had a really crap day. Kids off school cause their sick. Oldest mess my laptop up it was out for a couple of hours. Then he hit his head, made a bit of a hole but his ok now. the youngest 21/2 is driving me mad. I'm not getting any crafting done and I've got a craft fair in 5 weeks with appletree fairs, really looking forward but I want have anything to sell. If your out there Jules I've seen your work and it's made me kind of nervous. My work doesn't look have as good. Right I've had a good moan feel better now. Can anyone help I've got to get some labels to sew on to my goods anyone know of any good web sites. Thanks for listening I feel much better now. Jo

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    Poor you - can't help, but just send a lot of sympathy. Crap days are just awful (I seem to have had more than my fair share recently too).
    Hope tomorrow is much much better for you.
    My grandson is just turned 3, so a bit older than your youngest, and although he drives me mental at times, it is such a wonderful age. I hope he gives you one of those lovely 'toddler hugs' first thing tomorrow


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      Sorry can't help with the labels, just thought i'd join in with the moan. I've had a boring day (no offence mum), these days it seems to be the same s**t different day routine. Kids broke up for easter hols on Thursday and not back untill 16th April. I know i shouldn't say this but i'm dreading it!
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        Great I haded even thought of the holidays was just hoping to get though the weekend. Going though a bit of a rough time at the moment more bad days than good. Still I wouldn't be without the kids. the morning hugs and kisses make at all worth while, just some time we forget about hoe sweet they are. Jo


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          It's a Cliche, I Know....

          ....but tomorrow is another day. Go to bed, rest yourself.

          Don't worry about your will sell. I get fewer sales than lots of crafters because my stuff costs more per item. Don't worry about'll be fine.

          I've had a bit of day....promised a friend I'd cover her shop whilst she went to the dentist. She told me the wrong time, so I was late, but this was my fault. I know she was stressed because she was going to spend two hours at the dentist...but still, I felt it was a tad unfair on me.

          After that, it was grocery & bill paying day (paying bills, always a downer...) and the usual Aldi/Asda/Iceland scrum doesn't help....folowed by Sainsbury's for the things we've forgotten. Tomorrow I have to go to Lidl for the stuff we buy there.....after getting yelled at by the stressed friend I was in no mood for the bl**dy shops....

          I have done no sewing, and precious little email/ call returning for the crafters & fairs todayeither.

          We've just sat through Shaun of the Dead (stupid film) because the daughter's b/f brought it round on dvd....he also turned up to dinner, daughter forgot to mention that he was coming, and he eats for Britain. I think he's great, but I need notice to cook before he comes to eat...

          I'm going to bed, with some Nestle Milky Bar & my book (Katie fforde, good easy reading...) ......and BREATHE......

          Jo, you know where I am, phone me if you need to whinge....

          Night All!

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            Thanks Jules
            Just watching CSI then I'm off to bed. Like you said another day tomorrow the kids just might all be good at the same time so I could get something done. Their not always as bad as today would be nice if they were al quiet at the same time. Jo


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              Oh dear! Hope you are feeling better now that you have had a sleep? The labels I buy are very good from The only thing is that they are American and if your craft fair is in 5 weeks then they might not arrive by then.
              Hope you have a better day today
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