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What to get a 12 year old girl

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  • What to get a 12 year old girl

    My neice will be 12 soon and I haven't the foggyest clue what to get her. She lives in Guernsey and I'm in Scarborough so it needs to be easy to send. She's very mature for her age - perhaps jewellery? voucher? or is that boring?

    Please help
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    I am childless but have bought many a present for friends teenage children.
    I think at 12 they are into jewellery, also makeup. Makeup sets can be quite light to post. I think a pressie like that shows that you think they are getting 'grown up' which is always a hit with teenagers!


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      My darling grandaughter is 13 - she got Boots vouchers for her birthday, and loved the idea of being able to buy her own make up.


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        Cd's are always a hit with young girls too. If you don't know what artist/group they like a compulation of pop music normally does the trick.
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          or a cheque to her Mum is safer. My teenagers always appreciate cash, as does my 13 yr old son.

          My mum used to make us put every penny of our birthday & christmas money into our savings accounts, which was deeply boring. She stopped when all three of us had a go at her...I think she was overwhelmed, but then again, I was 15, my sister 20 and my brother was 25 by then...

          My kids make their own decisions, and they have turned out to be quite canny with money.....unlike me!

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            I know that this sounds like a shameless plug...... but....
            I have it on very good authority and proved by the fact that I have many return customers, ......
            My colourways beading kits are great for teenagers.
            they contain colour matched bead selections and findings to make two pairs of earrings, a necklace, a leather thong pendant, and memory wire bracelet.
            I regually change the pierced earring findings for clips if clients would prefer.
            End of shameless plug (I don't do it often!)
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              Thanks very much y'all. I've bought a pendant from Glass Kanvas for her - easy to send.

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                Ah that's nice - you got your present and you bought it through a craft forum member!! Glass Kanvas pendents are goregous - good choice!
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                  Actually I've bought two pendants - one for my old school friend's 40th which is later in April. I'm sure they will both love them.

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