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  • Christmas Decorations

    How early is too early?

    I was always brought up with decorating our house for Christmas on 1st December each year, and when I worked in an office enviroment it was always 1st December the decorations came out too.

    I've just spoken to a friend on Facebook today and they've put their tree and decorations up today... 1st November!!

    And one of our (ex) neighbours who now rents out the house across the road from us has just been to collect all of their Christmas decorations, tree, etc from the garage at the back of the house so obviously they're thinking about putting them up too.

    When do you put your decorations up?

    Do you agree with putting them up so early?

    Just wondered what other peoples views are
    1st November
    1st December
    Other - please tell us what you think

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    we normally out ours up around the 7th of dec ( sometimes later if nobody goes into the loft for me,lol, i hate lofts and heights !)

    but as soon as Christmas is done I'm fed up of them and soon take them down..i love the build up to christmas but love to get back to normal

    we saw a house all decorated up about 2 weeks ago ,christmas tree and that was a tad to early,lol
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      December is fine in my opinion.
      I saw a decorated tree in a restaurant in September which made me chuckle.
      We usually put the decs up about the 10th December.

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        I was chatting to lady in the states who has all 6!!!!! of her xmas trees up already

        Mine go up no earlier than 18th December, otherwise they would be completely trashed by xmas day and I get so fed with chasing after the boys when they nick all the baubles off the tree - lol!!
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          I usually aim to put everything up by mid-December. I have a Christmas-loving sister who puts everything up 1 December - and I always feel that if she could persuade her husband to have them out earlier, she would be pitting her decs up when the clocks go back in October! This year may have to be inventive with where the tree will be as we have two new young cats, both love to climb and run around like mad things - so think the tree may have to go in the conservatory this year.
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            I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who thinks people are just to eager this year with their Christmas decs!!


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              When I was really young it used to be a tradition to put them up the day we broke up from school so about 20th Dec - dad would go out to get the tree so it was waiting to be decorated when we got home and Christmas was officially started As I got a bit older I'd put up and decorate a fake tree in my bedroom a week before school broke up so I could put pressies from my school friend under it.

              Nowadays in our own home we put up our decs sometime between 15th and 20th Dec and in the shop they go up the week before the town's xmas lights get switched on so it'll be about 25th Nov this year.

              IMO it's madness to put them up too soon, it takes away the magic of Christmas if it's drawn out over an entire month!
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                1st dec for me if I can becaUSE AS SOON AS jAN 1ST HAS BEEN AND GONE EVERYTHING COMES DOWN. i LOVE THE BUILD UP TO CRIMBO BUT WHEN YOU SEE DECS UP ON JAN 5TH IT JUST LOOKS WEIRD TO ME. sorry pressed caps key by mistake.
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                  I normally put ours up about 8th December. I like to take them down about a week after christmas.
                  But.... I have been listening to christmas music since about sept. and have even planned the Christmas day service at church already!
                  I love listening to Nat king Coles christmas. (so much so that I played it when I was in labour with Eden at the beginning of October!)
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                    OMG how insane putting decorations up on 1st November.

                    When I was living at home it was the second weekend of dec and its been the same since i moved out, around the 10th.

                    I would get fed up of seeing them if i put them up in Nov i think lol and all the needles would fall off!!
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                      I aws brought up with the tree and decorations going up mid December 10/12th and taken down twelth night or epithany 6th Jan. I followed this for years until we started to go away for christmas and I felt I missed out on enjoying a full christamas so been putting them up early but always in December mind.

                      One thing intrigues me about the people who put them up oct/nov.......... HOW DO THEY AFFORD THE ELECTRIC BILL !!!



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                        We put the tree and decorations up at home the weekend before Christmas, and take them down on Jan 6th.

                        I do decorate the stalls from 1st Dec though.

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                          The feast of Yule (the traditional Pagan celebration time in this country that was turned into Christmas) began on 21st January. I never put up my decorations until 18th December, as any earlier is just too soon.

                          I wonder if you all know the true reason people have holly, ivy and a tree indoors? It was to keep some greenery safe indoors so the fair folk would have somewhere to stay during the winter. Where did you think the idea of a fairy on top of the tree came from?

                          The Yule tree used to be displayed upside down (not sure why) and had candles on the branches.

                          The gifts that were exchanged at this time were usually things that people had made themselves - so in that at least, we lot on here will probably be keeping to tradition!



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                            I wouldn't consider putting them up until advent at the earliest, usually they go up 2 weekends before Christmas.
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                              Normally our would go up the last week in November to first week in december .....but my son has put my tree up today....

                              Ours might be what you are talking about Laura....

                              We have a busy schedule with the Longton Lights being switched on 27th November and helping them, plus hospital visits for Drew my son with his tumours, appointments for myself regarding diabetes and fibro, and a coroners inquest for their dad on 25th November which will be two years to the day as you know of his death.

                              My son also has an old friend coming to stay in a week or two from abroad for a week or two too, so we just knew that if they weren't put up sometime this week or next they wouldn't go up at all.

                              Sorry no offence intended

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