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  • Morning All!

    How are you all this morning? Any exciting plans for the day?

    Me - I'm going down to my mums again today (she doesn't know yet) as i'm dropping my little boy off at his dads for the weekend. Might have a few funny looks from people which i'm not looking forward to as Mia (13 months) launched a DVD at me when my other daughter Kaleigh (age - nearly 6) and i were lying on the floor excercising. Obviously the DVD couldn't have just knocked me on the head or something, oh no the corner of it had to catch under my eye so i'm now sporting a lovely big shiner. Can't wait to explain this one to people!
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    Good morning!
    Oh no EM what a nightmare! Just hold you head up and let people could always say you were in a fight and you won, you should see the state of the other person!! More than likely no one will say a thing!!
    I have a day of work ahead as usual so nothing exciting to tell I am afraid. Packing orders and sending them out but I might get a chance to do some designing this afternoon..I said that yesterday though and didn't so we shall see today.
    Have a great day everyone!
    Anice xx
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      In a short while i'm off to the beauty parlour for a facial, which i got as part of my leaving pressie from my job last week.
      This afternoon i'm going with my friend to pick up her Wedding Dress and take it to the venue where she is getting married tomorrow, along with lots of other wedding gubbins, table plan, favours etc etc.
      Quite a nice day for me then! ( well it's quite possible my friend will have turned into Bridezilla today from all the worrying so that could be fun!!)
      I may try and do some more to the website but not sure if i'll get around to it
      Hope the face gets better!


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        I've been working very hard on the business all this week so far as I'm trying to get as far ahead of myself as possible before my baby arrives! So today I'm starting a long weekend as it's my birthday on Monday and I'll spend the whole weekend crafting all the projects I have been planning. Here's the list of what needs finishing:
        Huge set of blinds for nursery
        Cushion covers for nursery - very fiddly, padded animals and everything!
        Birth sampler cross stitch - no way that'll get finished, probably still be working on it when baby is five!
        Easter cards!
        Birthday cards!
        Wish me luck...
        Try a new way every day and work becomes play!


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          Good luck!!
          I was meant to be making more business cards but Tara didn't want to have a snooze so I've been tidying my craft room up a bit - not so you'd notice though!! Tara was being helpful and left a lovely trail of half chewed raisins on the floor which got stuck to my socks - nice!!
          Off out for our weekly visit to a soft play area after nursery so I will have an afternoon of chasing girls around! Might make some business cards tonight but I will see....
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            Have been up to my eyes in work this morning in my day job so bit late to be saying morning but never mind.

            I will be doing orders tomorrow and on Sunday will be at a fair in Mugdock Country Park. Then the best bit of all, will be taking my daughter to my mums house in Dunoon (she needs to get the ferry across from Gorouck) on Sunday where she will be getting watched until Thursday -------- Only have my son for the week who is 14 and no bother at all. As long as he has his computer, an internet connection and World of Warcraft he will be happy as a pig in the proverbial.

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