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I've just about had enough!

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  • I've just about had enough!

    I have been putting new things (mainly stamps) on my website nearly all day. I thought it would only take an hour or two then i could get the housework done, but no i've only just finished, the house still looks like a bomb and i've got to go get Mia from nursery. My hand keeps going into spasms after all the typing and is really stiff when i try and open it. If i have to look at that bl**dy website for one more minute i'm going to scream.

    Hope i'm not the only one that finds this task worse than my real day job!
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    Gotta admit that's the bit I hate most about running an online shop, I get all excited when new prods arrive but the monotony of inputting them soon brings me back down with a bump.
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      Oh yes,
      Sadly I still have things listed with no pics which have been like that since January. No excuse either - it's just a pain!
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        I am with you there. I put up about 20 items yesterday, such a dull job.

        Still I was pleased with myself when it was done. So I must try and remember that feeling before the next batch needs to go up.

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          I can sympathise. Updated my web site the other day took me forever. Now trying to sort out the glitches before I even think of adding more onto it!!
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            Today I've been adding new cards to my ebay shop, took basically half the day to do it. But glad I did and excited about the new cards. I try not to worry about how long it takes cause it's worth it.