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  • What a surprise!

    My annoyance with my workplace is well documented on another forum.

    Just have to vent-I went to lunch early as 1 boss(out of 3) said they were all leaving soon, so I went.Came back, they are all here still, talking about what they should be doing!!!!!

    I could vent more but I dont have the energy, guess I should be used to this by now.

    Feel free to vent about yuor workplace.

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    I am sitting here in my home office, quickly reading the forum in between scanning cards I have been making this afternoon to be put on my website as my webmaster (Ian my OH!) told me last night that there were not enough and I should get my 'ass moving!' Thats very true but I have been busy sending out orders etc!
    Actually thats not much to moan about.. making cards all afternoon for my job. Anice get a life and shut up!!
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      Im in such a foul mood, more than normal.It just really annoyed me as I could have put money on them still being here when I got back.It just makes my afternoon so much longer if I go to lunch early.
      The last boss just left, 2 hours after I came back.

      Funky-it may not be much to moan about but I reckon we need to let off steam every now and again.People should be glad we do it via a forum.

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        I've had loads to do in work this week as it's our year end i've had to get all the bills done. To top it all off i've had to do it all in half the time as i can't work tommorrow due to my girl having chicken pox. But i'm not really complaining as it's all done now and i'm off work until the end of the easter hols and i've got a big craft supplies delivery coming tommorow. I've told myself i can keep three things out of the order and the rest have to go on the website, I'm soooooooo excited.
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