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Death of a Teenager......

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  • Death of a Teenager......

    My daughter is going to die...probably from laughing.

    I am not amused. I was on the loo earlier, happily browsing through CL mag, when the phone rang. No worries, Philippa can answer it

    Then I hear her coming up the stairs chatting into the phone, using her grown up polite voice (not one I hear often...) and telling someone that yes, her mother probably would do a craft fair there. Oh yes, it IS mother will love it...

    (Wow! Great...a posh venue)

    And she goes on...Wait a minute, I'll just pass you over to Mum, she's on the loo, trousers around her knees...

    (AAgghhh OMG I'm going to KILL her...posh venue's just gone out the window...)

    Grimace at daughter as she opens loo door, and compose myself to be suitably impressive to the caller........Helleau?

    It was my mother, laughing fit to bust!

    The daughter is very very dead meat when I catch her!


    PS In light of recent events in the news, I apologise for the title of my thread, it was very thoughtless of me.
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    I was traumatised when I read the thread name!!But lead to a fab story!!
    hehe, they are little scoundrels!

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      Hence the Smiley....

      I am sitting here plotting revenge....she has an art exam on Friday, and the results will probably turn up when she's at college....or I have some denim scraps - I can pretend the washing machine has eaten her new jeans..

      She's text'd everyone she knows and told them, including Himself (no consoling sympathy for me there then)

      Ratbag child....and my mother is no better.

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        That story has really brightened up my day


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          Have to admit though... it was a class performance by your daughter. Respect for that.

          If she is at the age of being interested in boys then surely revenge is going to be so, so easy....

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            ....going on 45...

            She knows everything, I know nothing.....that sort of age! I actually sat on the loo listening, thinking wow, she's being so ultra polite, so nice.....

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              Heeeee heeeee heeeeee!! Well at least it wasn't a proper venue!!
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                What would you have done if you had to have taken down their details ------ Well I suppose you had taken down everything else, you were on the loo after all.


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                  Kids, at least when they're young and come out with really embarrasing comments it's innocent but when they grow up and do it for a laugh it's harder to take. Her 18th is next, just think os the embarrasing baby photos you can get enlarged and put up around where you live, how embarassed will she be!
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                    She Won't...

                    My daughter was the world cutest baby, and she knows it....!

                    But I've got a few plans up my sleeve. I've re-adjusted her alarm's going to go off at about 6am in the morning, and it's now light by then....methinks the language will be choice and the face will be thunderous. Tomorrow she doesn't have to be in college until 11am, and she thinks her clock is set for 9.30.

                    We're driving to Exeter tomorrow, and have to leave early so I will be up at 6am and telling her she's late......

                    Yes, I'm a complete cow.......

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                      And did it work Jules? Or did she realise what you did?

                      Remind me not to get on the wrong side of you!! What a mean streak!! (only kidding you are lovely!!).

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                        ......teenage mega-strop......oh dear, my heart bleeds! She didn't see the funny side at all. I'll need to watch my back now!

                        Right! Off to Exeter......Later everyone!

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