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Sympathy please - just had operation

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  • Sympathy please - just had operation

    I was in hospital yesterday to have an operation on my foot. Just a little one but I had a general anaesthetic and had a swelling on a nerve removed.

    Feeling better today but a bit bruised and sore so I'm putting my feet up for a bit (literally).
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    Lots of sympathy from me too - I may have to have an operation soon so I'll expect it back then!! Have a relaxing time with your feet up and hope you feel better soon.
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      Lots of Sympathy....

      ...poor you! Get better soon.

      I hate anyone touching my feet......

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        Sorry to hear you were in hospital hope your tootsies get better soon.

        Suppose it's pretty apt that you make little snugglers for feet - you may need to make big snugglers now!!!

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          From me too, Im sending you a spiritual bunch of grapes over the airwaves

          Originally posted by Apple Tree Crafts View Post

          I hate anyone touching my feet......

          me too, I kick big time.

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            Poor you - have a virtual hug!
            Had to have an op myself last year, (but in a very different part of the anatomy....!). It can really take it out of you, so make sure you give yourself a good pampering.....


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              Can I have some sympathy too....I have man not just sniffles, honest.
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                Oh no... man flu. That's sounds terrible mate. You'd better cease all manual activity immediately and get some help around the house until you feel better. You take care of yourself. I too ahve a a sore throat that's is just the worst anyone has ever had... I can;t tell ya!

                Oh, hope the foot thingy gets better too....

                But man flu... that's a killer, nothing worse!

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                  Lots of sympathy coming your way. Hope you're up and about soon!

                  As for the man flu thing ..... it'll probably take you weeks to recover!
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                    Lots and lots of sympathy for the foot problem. As for MAN flue.......couple of paracetamol, and get back to work.


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                      Hope the foot isn't giving you too much grief. My dad had a foot operation before Christmas which gave him plenty of grief, but that was for something different. Have a flower:

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                        Hope you have a foot stool under your computer desk....
                        hope it gets better soon, years ago i did my knee in (trying to ride hubbies trial bike) and you just don't realise what an effort it is to do everything. Going to the toilet was a major expedition!! Hope someone is looking after you. At least you are out of hospital, you don't know what you're gonna catch once you're in there!!
                        Man Flu? It's all psycological, there's nothing wrong with ya!!!!


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                          Thanks very much, I knew I could rely on you lot
                          Foot's feeling OK and I can hobble around the house to get to the kettle (very important) and also to the fridge for the wine this evening (even more important).

                          As for Man Flu - I'm glad I'm not you!

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                            Lots of sympathy from me too for your foot. I hope you are being well looked after, us Mums need that sometimes even when we've not had operations.

                            As for man flu, doesn't get any sympathy in our house.


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                              Helen sorry I am so late in wishing you best wishes for feeling better. Take it easy and you will heal quicker.
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