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  • Really Odd......

    I noticed the forum was very quiet today......

    And I've made 6 laundry bags, just need to put the felt words on those that are having words....

    Is it me, or is this a very odd coincidence?

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    Might just be that 'oh my goodness, it's Saturday, better catch up' kind of day so everyone's busy doing other things.
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      Ive been catching up housework ect not a nice day out damp cold.Just had a lovely chinese tack away sons treat.


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        A long day...

        ...that's what today has been. Don't know why, and not complaining (esp. as tomorrow is an hour shorter!). I drove to the craft fair venue for tomorrow to look at the area - really lovely, quite rural and full of large detatched houses. Approached a few shops re: taking my mosaics on commision but no luck - one place said she didn't so this and another said they already have mirrors etc and they don't have a market for mine Oh well, their loss. Then got the jigsaw out late this afternoon and cut out some mirror bases. I have 'Toy Story' on now!!! Sorry, have turned this into a 'day in the life of Kate' post!
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          Saturdays are always dead online. It makes life very lonely for us saddos with nothing else to do! However...................I am going to Harrogate tomorrow, so I'm trying to make a list of things I wouldn't get cheaper online. So far it has 'entrance fee' written on it.


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            I've been at work today, made another 30litres of ice cream!! Then got my niece staying tonight she's nearly 5 so we had Mcdonalds for tea, (i know it's crap but hadn't time to go 'child friendly' food shopping)
            Then we watched The Corpse Bride, which was great!
            We have just watched the Figure Skating on eurosport, danced round the living room pretending we were there, and now the little dear is fast asleep.
            Somewhere in the middle of all that hubbie seems to have emigrated to the pub.
            Can't think why.....


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              Now You See Him......Now You Don't

              Originally posted by icecreamgirl View Post
              Somewhere in the middle of all that hubbie seems to have emigrated to the pub.
              Can't think why.....

              It's another one of those odd coincidences.......

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                I went to mums today and to see my nain who's birthday it was yesterday. As it was a nice day we took a walk into town then took the kids to the park. It's not very often i spend a day away from my computer but i think it's done me good and it gave me some time to think about the direction i want 'things' to go in and what the next step will be, sounds very deep i know but it has helped.
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                  I was at my mum and dads this weekend cos it is their wedding anniversary today and they have no internet. It was good in a way cos I got a napkin embroidered for Anya - it looks rubbish but at least it might stop her wiping her hands down her top!
                  Ooooh - Harrogate Peter - I went to college there as I'm from lovely Ripon. Great charity shops Did you have fun??
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                    I had the worst Saturday since the last time I had a bad Saturday!

                    I made a complete ass of myself, and I am now going to openly confess to all you good people of craftsforumland what I did that was so bad.

                    I ordered some new stuff for the house from Argos, which is bad enough in itself, and I paid extra for Saturday delivery. They said it could be anytime between 7am and 3pm.

                    So I crawled out of bed around 6am, had breakfast and waited. 7am came and went, so did every other hour until it got past 6pm!

                    I literally stormed online to give Argos a piece of my mind, I prefer emails as you have it in writing, so to speak! Checked the order for the reference number...only to discover to my horror that I'd booked delivery for Saturday 31st March

                    Distraught isn't the word, I almost burst into tears...fortunately Chris is very understanding and gave me a big hug.

                    So that's why I wasn't around on Saturday!

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                      Originally posted by twilightsewn View Post
                      .only to discover to my horror that I'd booked delivery for Saturday 31st March

                      omg... In 2 weeks I have a 3 day gap to get a bed and a sofa.. for when we move... I so hope it will go well ... Otherwise i'm sleeping on the floor with no sofa to sit on .. .

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                        I'm really worried because a wardrobe is being delivered this week, the plumber is coming, and I'm sure there's something else I can't remember

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                          That's almost as bad as the Scary Bloke, who turned up last week and demanded to replace my draught exlcusion stuff on all the windows.

                          Scared the life out of me because he was SO ugly, I kid you not, he was horrendous. I'm guessing his mother loves him....poor sod.

                          I refused to let the chain off the door until I knew what was what. Finally got through to Himself on his mobile, had a gritted-teeth conversation in which Himself tells me it was organised by him, many moons ago, in the tone of voice that clearly suggested I should, of course, know all about it.

                          I wrote it in my diary he said....and where is said diary? Himself has it, and Himself was in a meeting in deepest darkest Somerset. I suggested several things I thought he might do, the politest of which was tell me about these things.

                          Thankfully, Scary Bloke was very jobsworth, said he could only do the only two tiniest windows we posess and refused to touch the 12 large ones, did the two and left after 10 minutes....

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                            The rest of the week is cancelled, I thought the Argos fiasco was bad, but this morning, Monday, it got worse.

                            Called out the plumber because after plumbing in the washing machine it refused to empty the water

                            He turned up, tried it, checked the filter, then looked under the sink at the outlet you fix the drainage pipe to. Turned out the end hadn't been trimmed off, so the water couldn't drain I feel stupid or what?!

                            Oh well, it's now official, I'm having a permanent 'grey moment', time to retire methinks

                            *looking sheepish*
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                              As The Song Says....

                              Things can only get better......

                              Deep breaths Shana, & lots of coffee!

                              Hang on in there...

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