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Dont forget to put clocks forward

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  • Dont forget to put clocks forward

    Dont forget tonight to put your clocks forward start of summertime light nights lovely.

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    I forgot to put them back a couple of years ago in the autumn and arrived atchurch to find that the rest of the band weren't there and i struggled single handed to put up the mikes and drums etc. thinking all the while that everyone was cutting it mighty fine. the vicar was walking around and gave me a funny look but I still thought nothing of it until eventuallly he came over and said "karen, you haven't forgotten have you?" I hurriedly left the church and went home. i then turned up at the correct time to find the band wondering why all the equipment was out. I thought i'd got away with it until the vicar pointed it out in his sermon!
    I am very careful to get it right now!
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      Well, I slept later than usual, and then of course, by the time I reset the clocks it was later than that...

      ....the first day of Summertime is dreary & grey. Sounds about right!

      It IS nice to have Summer to look forward to though.....Easter in a fortnight too!

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        Summer is here.


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          It's a gorgeous sunny day in Scarborough. About time, it's been a really grim and long winter.

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            Weather is lovely here today very spring like went for a lovely walk over the park with my dog something i havent done for a whilexxx


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              Weather is lovely in Glasgow again which is unusual.

              I didn't get in last night until 3am so it was really 4am so I have only just surfaced - I think I said it last week but I am never, ever, ever drinking again (I am sure I said that last week!!!! didn't I????}

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                I remembered but my mum and dad in law got to church today and went to get changed (in choir and a sidesman) and thought well the vicar is cutting it fine - gets to the time when the service is about to start and it turns out that the vicar had forgotten and was sat at home with his feet up!!
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